All of their employees work remotely.

You’ve probably dreamt of a workday that consists of waking up and “commuting” to your home office downstairs or down the hall. You’re not alone—more and more Americans are looking for job opportunities that allow them to work from home full-time or at least a few days per week.

Luckily, if you’re seeking a new career opportunity, job site, a resource for telecommuting work, wants to help. The site just released a list of 10 entirely virtual companies that are hiring full-time employees. And since these companies’ employees all work remotely, you won’t miss out on office camaraderie.

There are plenty of benefits to working from home, too—flexible hours, cost and time savings (especially when it comes to a long commute), and better work-life balance. And while there have been recent reports that telecommuting might lead to more stress and insomnia, it’s worth noting that it depends on the company’s culture.

There’s a common misconception those with remote jobs can work from any location, but many have geographic requirements (in order to be in a certain time zone to work specified hours). But these 10 companies allow employees to work just about anywhere in the U.S. and even the world.

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To compile the list, identified 10 companies that operate entirely virtually, have at least 20 employees, and are hiring full-time employees. Take a look at the companies below, their industries, and open positions:

  1. Toptal (Staffing/HR): Editor-in-Chief and QA Automation Engineer
  2. InVision App (Computer/IT): Marketing Operations Manager and L1 Customer Support
  3. Aha! (Computer/IT): Graphic Designer and Communications Manager
  4. Automatic (Computer/IT): Happiness Engineer and Product Designer
  5. 10UP (Computer/IT): Project Manager and Web Engineer
  6. The Cheat Sheet (Media): Front-End Developer and Health and Fitness Writer
  7. WorldWide101 (Staffing/HR): Executive Assistant and Business Support Specialist
  8. Seeq (Computer/IT): Software Engineer and Sales Executive
  9. (Marketing): Software Engineering Manager and Full Stack Software Engineer
  10. Articulate (Computer/IT): Campaign Manger, Acquisition Marketing and Front-End Developer