New grads, take note.

By Maggie Seaver
June 03, 2020
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The graduating class of 2020 has not only reached a huge life milestone (graduation!)—its young members have also managed to weather an unnerving and unexpected senior spring with commendable fortitude, understanding, and optimism.

And while they’ve taken virtual quarantine graduations in stride (a very laudable feat), 2020 grads are now faced with yet another, even scarier challenge: one of the toughest job markets ever—like, Great Depression–era tough. (According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for 20- to 24-year-olds in April has hit an astonishing 25.7 percent.) 

Due to the current economic climate, the already-tricky process of applying for and landing a good job after graduation has been made exponentially more challenging. In fact, many grads who had already secured employment pre-COVID-19 (and pre-graduation) have had those job offers rescinded or delayed, as companies temporarily freeze hiring or remove open positions altogether in an effort to stay afloat.

“It’s important to remember that under these circumstances, it may not be possible to land your dream job in your chosen field right now, but you can still gain experience and join the workforce in a meaningful way,” says FlexJobs founder and CEO Sara Sutton.

To help connect new grads to job listings in this moment of uncertainty, online career service FlexJobs combed its company database to curate a list of the top 15 companies offering the most entry-level remote job openings since March 2020.     

Sutton reminds young people who are new to the workforce to adjust their expectations accordingly and stay savvy. Plus, on the bright side, “remote work can remove the geographic limitations to a job search, so focusing on work-from-home jobs can also significantly increase access to potential job opportunities,” she says. 

“While this job market, of course, is not what new graduates expected, it is possible to find employment, especially if you’re willing to broaden your job search to fields that haven’t been as impacted by the pandemic,” Sutton says. 

According to FlexJob insights, below are the industries currently offering the most entirely remote jobs across all career levels—including entry-level.   

  1. Customer Service
  2. Medical and Health
  3. Computer and IT
  4. Education and Training
  5. Therapy
  6. Accounting and Finance
  7. Project Management
  8. Sales
  9. Internet and Ecommerce
  10. Marketing

Additionally, post-grads on the hunt for open roles can search by job title, too. According to FlexJobs, below are 10 remote job titles—which span broadly from tech to creative roles across the globe—that are currently hiring and require entry-level experience. Perfect for candidates fresh out of school.

While the going is no doubt tough on graduates right now, don't give up. Leverage your school's alumni network; set up job alerts from online recruiting sites; utilize LinkedIn and other professional social networks; meet with connections via phone or video for informational interviews; join professional organizations; and definitely keep that resume up to date.