Chieh Huang, the CEO of Boxed, has announced that he will pay for his employees’ weddings and their children’s college tuition.

By Maddy Sims
Updated July 05, 2017
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Chieh Huang, the CEO of Boxed

A dream wedding may cost a fortune, but the CEO of Boxed is making sure that his employees won’t have to worry as they plan their big day. Huang says he will give full-time employees up to $20,000 to have the weddings of their dreams. This announcement comes after Huang also promised to fund yet another huge expense for workers: sending their kids to college. The CEO told employees that he would cover these two large expenses in the hopes that they can have more financial stability moving forward.

Huang started Boxed, an online wholesale retailer, three years ago. Dubbed the “Costco for millennials,” Boxed offers online and mobile warehouse shopping without a membership fee for those who don’t have time or access to transportation to shop for good deals. But while the company is solely online, its workers are in warehouses every day organizing, packing, and shipping materials.

When Huang saw his employees stressed about affording their kids’ tuition and paying for their weddings, he decided to help. The money comes from Huang’s own salary, which he donates to a nonprofit that then gives the money to the workers. Huang tells the Today Show that now that he’s in a place where he can give back, he wants to make a difference.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing. By covering the cost of two extremely expensive life events, Huang is giving his employees the opportunity to feel financially secure.

Upon learning that Huang was going to pay for his wedding, a relieved employee told the Today Show, “You’re helping us breathe a little bit, in terms of looking towards the future.” With the company quickly becoming the future of wholesale shopping, the employee benefits may be, too.

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