When Her Breadwinning Husband Was Diagnosed With MS, This Stay-At-Home Mom Built a Jewelry Empire

Helen Ficalora's family had just purchased a new home when her husband had to stop working due to complications from multiple sclerosis. She went from being a stay-at-home mom to the breadwinner in the blink of an eye. Here's how she turned a difficult situation into a thriving jewelry brand.
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This Mom Blogger Built a Successful Branding Business While Working Full Time—Here's How

Without having a formal plan in place, Alison Faulkner turned her business of throwing dance parties into a million-dollar brand. Here are her tips on how to start your own successful brand.
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8 Practical Tips for Nailing a Video Interview

Video interviews are a whole different game, so here are some preparation and presentation tips from the pros.
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20 Inspiring Quotes and Mentorship Advice From Female Leaders

Every March, we celebrate the women who came before us, the ones who are hustling hard today, and all of the ones who will change the world in the future.
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5 Indispensable Soft Skills Hiring Managers Value Most

A well-rounded employee will demonstrate both hard and soft skills—but what exactly is a soft skill? These are the ones you need to know about.