Real Simplestaffers kept a gratitude journal every day for about a month. Here they share the many things they're grateful for.
Notes of gratitude
Credit: Bob Hiemstra

Sharon Tanenbaum, age 28, Associate Editor

  • “Getting that runner’s high.”
  • “Perfectly grilled steak.”
  • “Motown music.”
  • “An amazing family.”
  • “Epic tennis matches with humble winners and gracious losers.”
  • “Ridiculously bad-yet-good movies.”
  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.”
  • “Seven-layer cake.”
  • “My mother’s health.”
  • “Being a homebody.”
  • Project Runway.”
  • “Homemade cookie dough.”

Lori Seto, age 41, Reader-Service Editor

  • “That we own our own apartment, even if it’s dark, gets no breeze, and faces no trees.”
  • “A life that is rich and full―often too full―vs. boring.”
  • “My babysitter, who is flexible sans crabbiness.”
  • “That my husband and I now joke about things that used to be a great source of stress.”
  • “That a couple of kids really “get” Collin (her son, who has autism) and love him, going so far as to seek him out and change what they’re playing to keep him interested. I wish everyone could see how special he is.”
  • “A husband who always sounds happy to hear from me.”

Paula Trotto, age 42, Freelance Photo Assistant

  • “Being at work today. Apparently my son is shedding his diaper without warning while I got to sit in a fresh-smelling office.”
  • “I’m grateful to have lived a long, fun single life with friends who kept me afloat when I was down or alone.”
  • “I’m totally indebted to my father-in-law for painting two muddy-colored bathrooms a cheery canary yellow and a soft blue.”
  • “My husband, who has no boundaries, has snatched this journal and read it. He is pleased with how many times I was grateful for him and his help―although he says I mention our 10-year age difference too often.”

Susan Getzendanner, age 23, Photo Assistant

  • “Tuna fish, not too much mayo, just right.”
  • “My mom, for sharing good advice. I listened.”
  • “That I didn’t freak out when I got critiqued at work.”
  • “Playing hide-and-seek tag with my six nieces and nephews.”
  • “Twizzlers (strawberry and chocolate) at our weekly art meeting.”
  • “My father opening up the front door for me this morning and telling me to ‘Have a joyful day!’”