From backpacks to Bento boxes. 

Pinterest is full of back-to-school inspiration. But all that pinning goes beyond healthy snacks and first-day fashion—in fact, 6 million (of 72 million pins total since July 31) deal exclusively with school supplies, while 30 million focused on a range of DIY projects. But don't just take our word for it. Pinterest recently released their top 10 back-to-school trends, based on the top pins across the product, fashion, and DIY categories.

1. Pouches as the new purses
Replace a cluttered purse with a multi-purpose pouch, which can hold student IDs, pens, and even small toiletries.

2. Boots made for combat
Students are walking to class in combat boots, which transition seamlessly from early fall to winter.

3. Lunches outside the box 
Young kids will love these Bento-style boxes, and the separate compartments make for a mess-free meal.

4. Artful notebooks
Whether you go the store-bought route or sketch one yourself, these bold designs ensure your notebook will stand out.

5. Comeback packs
Send your student back to school with one of these heritage packs, which range in material from canvas to leather. 

6. Backpack fresheners
These odor-eating disks will keep backpacks smelling fresh. For a DIY version, stuff a small pouch with lavender. 

7. DIY stickers
Personalize school supplies with this light-weight machine, which you can put to use again for an end-of-year scrapbook. 

8. Homework stations
Keep stray papers and school supplies at bay by setting up a nook designed specifically for homework. 

9. T-shirts with a sense of humor
Relieve back to school stress with these graphic Ts, which are full of witty phrases in a variety of hues. 

10. Nice notes
Forget the Post-It or the hand-written napkin—send a secret message via this heartfelt decoration.


If your lunchboxes and backpacks look more like a Pinterest fail, don't worry—share them on social media with #WomenIRL.