The shared agenda of these important social movements just might give women worldwide the edge when it comes to finally attaining equality. 

By Melanie Mannarino
Updated March 08, 2018
#MeToo protest sign
Credit: JUNG YEON-JE/Getty Images

International Women’s Day has been around for 106 years, but this year might be it’s strongest ever in promoting—with the goal of attaining—female equality, in part because of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements that started here in the US. IWD and these movements have a shared agenda of removing the barriers that hold women back, and making sure they are treated with respect and equality in every situation, in every corner of the world. So whether you honor today by wearing red or purple, supporting women-owned businesses, giving flowers to a female friend or hashtagging the heck out of your social media feeds, you’ll be part of an international movement pushing for equality for women everywhere.

With the official theme of this year’s IWD being Time Is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives, and the unofficial theme being #PressForProgress, organizers are using the strength in numbers women have already shown in taking to the streets to march, and to social media to tell their stories of harassment and worse at the hands of powerful men. In his UN address, Secretary General Antonio Guterres acknowledged that “There are more girls in school than ever before; more women are doing paid work and in senior roles in the private sector, academia, politics, and in international organizations” but also that “sexual harassment and abuse have been thriving in workplaces, public spaces, and private homes, in countries that pride themselves on their record of gender equality.”

Wherever you fall on the “activist” scale, there is so much you can do to press for progress yourself. If you're out there marching already, great! But here are a few more ideas: