The end of the weekend is always tough, here’s how to cope.

By Jane Porter
Updated August 09, 2017
Chelsea Hirschhorn
Credit: Tami Jill Photography

Chelsea Hirschhorn

It’s important to me to take a large chunk of the weekend for uninterrupted family time. We let the day unfold naturally. My Mondays through Saturdays are very scheduled, so we deliberately carve out time not to be that way. When you don’t feel you have to be somewhere at a certain time, it’s an immediate stress reliever. —Chelsea Hirschhorn, 33, CEO of Fridababy, a mom and baby product retailer


My schedule is all over the place, and Mondays are usually my days off. It’s interesting having a schedule that’s backwards from everyone else’s—my weeks kind of blend into one another. But I’m trying to carve out more personal time. If I know I have a really crazy week coming up, I try to sleep as much as possible, and I fit in yoga to help me zen out. Sleep and exercise are the things that help me feel centered. —Chelsea Lauren, 33, Hollywood red-carpet photographer


I set my calendar on Thursday or Friday to make sure the next week is wired tight. Then, on Friday night, I commit to not worrying. I wake up early and spend time with my 5-year-old son; we’ll head to the beach and go fishing. Later on, we’ll have a rooftop barbecue and invite people over. The trick is to think of Sunday as Saturday. —David MciInerney, 48, cofounder of online grocer FreshDirect


All last year I was fighting cancer, and I am now cancer-free. This life event gave me a lot of perspective, so I don’t let things like the Sunday blues get to me anymore. To me, having the Sunday blues signifies that a life change needs to happen. Try to pinpoint what’s stressing you out on Sunday and make the choice to change it. —Angela Benton, 36, founder and CEO of the accelerator program NewMe


My Sunday starts when my 3-year-old wakes up and decides it starts. We go to the zoo or the park. Sunday night often means packing my suitcase and getting on a plane. Travel is a big part of my family’s life. It’s hard being away from home when you have a young family (Facetime makes it more bearable), so I do everything I can to protect weekends. I do things during the week, too. I manage my company’s softball team on Monday nights, and I often take my son swimming after work. I try to have things on weekdays that I can look forward to so it’s not all about the weekend. —Josh Belkin, 34, Vice President and General Manager of, North America