39 Good Morning Quotes to Start Your Day

The day is starting! Greet it with good cheer.

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Need a little motivation to get yourself up and out of bed? Sometimes, all you need is a few wise words (and maybe, a venti cup of coffee) to create a good morning—and a really good start to your day. Try a few of these good morning quotes to help inspire you and get you motivated. They can be the mantra for your morning meditation, or simply be some wise words to live by as you go about your morning routine.

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Henry David Thoreau

Early Morning Walk Is a Blessing Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Julia Bohan

– Henry David Thoreau

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The Breeze at Dawn Has Secrets Morning Quote by Rumi
Julia Bohan


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Ursula K. Le Guin

Morning Comes Whether You Set Your Alarm or Not Quote by Ursula K. LeGuin
Julia Bohan

—Ursula K. Le Guin

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Khalil Gibran

The Heart Finds its Morning Quote by Khalil Gibran
Julia Bohan

– Khalil Gibran

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Marcus Aurelius

Privilege It Is to Be Alive Morning Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Julia Bohan

– Marcus Aurelius

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Terri Guillemets

Orchestrate Morning to the Tune of Coffee Quote by Terri Guillemets
Julia Bohan

– Terri Guillemets

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Carole King

As Beautiful As You Feel Quote By Carole King
Julia Bohan

—Carole King

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Mark Twain

Beautiful Day Quote by Mark Twain
Julia Bohan

—Mark Twain

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William C. Hannan

Rise Like the Sun and Burn Quote by William Hannan
Julia Bohan

—William C. Hannan

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Emily Dickinson

Morning Without You Is a Dwindled Dawn Quote by Emily Dickinson
Julia Bohan

—Emily Dickinson

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Alice Morse Earle

Something Good in Every Day Quote by Alice Morse Earle
Julia Bohan

– Alice Morse Earle

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Morning Inside You Quote by Rumi
Julia Bohan

– Rumi

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Miles Davis

My Future Starts Quote by Miles Davis
Julia Bohan

—Miles Davis

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Maya Angelou

Wonderful Day Quote for Morning Motivation by Maya Angelou
Julia Bohan

– Maya Angelou

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Malak El Halabi

Make the Sun Jealous With Your Burning Passion Morning Quote by El Halabi
Julia Bohan

– Malak El Halabi

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The Beatles

Good Morning, Good Morning by the Beatles
Julia Bohan

—The Beatles

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Johnny Cash

Good Morning Friend Lyrics by Johnny Cash
Julia Bohan

—Johnny Cash

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Thomas Jefferson

The Sun Has Not Caught Me in Bed Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Julia Bohan

—Thomas Jefferson

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Eleanor Roosevelt

New Day Comes New Strength Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Julia Bohan

—Eleanor Roosevelt

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First Thing Every Morning Quote by Ovid
Julia Bohan


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Gabourey Sidibe

Learned to Love Myself Morning Quote by Gabourey Sidibe
Julia Bohan

– Gabourey Sidibe

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E.B. White

Arise in the Morning Quote by E.B. White
Julia Bohan

—E.B. White

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Bill Withers

Gonna Be a Lovely Day Lyric by Bill Withers
Julia Bohan

—Bill Withers

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It's a Beautiful Day Quote by U2
Julia Bohan


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J.R.R. Tolkien

Morning Through the Shadows Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Julia Bohan

—J.R.R. Tolkien

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Nina Simone

Feeling Good Lyric by Nina Simone
Julia Bohan

—Nina Simone

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Billy Wilder

Have to Have a Dream Quote by Billy Wilder
Julia Bohan

– Billy Wilder

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Lyrics from Oklahoma

Oh What a Beautiful Mornin Lyric from Oklahoma
Julia Bohan

—Lyrics from Oklahoma

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George Foreman

Morning Looking for an Adventure by George Foreman
Julia Bohan

– George Foreman

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Dalai Lama

One Small Positive Thought Quote By Dalai Lama
Julia Bohan

—Dalai Lama

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E.B. White

Change the World and Have a Good Time Morning Quote by EB White
Julia Bohan

—E.B. White

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Paul Valery

Make Your Dreams Come True Wake Up Quote By Paul Valery
Julia Bohan

—Paul Valery

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Terri Guillemets

Like My Coffee Black and Mornings Bright Quote by Terri Guillemets
Julia Bohan

—Terri Guillemets

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Maeve Binchy

Wake Up Each Morning Quote by Maeve Binchy
Julia Bohan

– Maeve Binchy

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Charlie Chaplin

Day Without Laughter Is a Day Wasted by Charlie Chaplin
Julia Bohan

—Charlie Chaplin

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Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)

Experience a Sunrise at Least Once a Day Quote by Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)
Julia Bohan

– Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)

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Mark Twain

Your Job to Eat a Frog Quote by Mark Twain
Julia Bohan

—Mark Twain

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Lewis Black

Coffee Illusion Might Be Awake Morning Quote by Lewis Black
Julia Bohan

—Lewis Black

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Emily Dickinson

Sun Just Touched the Morning Quote by Emily Dickinson
Julia Bohan

—Emily Dickinson

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