Creative Ideas for Giving Back

Money isn’t the only way to support your community. You can donate your time and expertise as well. Find the best way to incorporate charity into your life.

More Ways to Give

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10 Fast-Growing Charities

Each of these organizations has substantially increased its revenue, programs, and services in the last year, according to the nonprofit research group Charity Navigator.

A Guide to Micro-Lending

Learn how to use micro-lending websites to help struggling small-business owners worldwide.

9 Food Items That Benefit Charities

When you buy these delicious picks, a portion goes to charity—proving you can eat well and do good at the same time.

Where to Donate Your Old Goods

If they’re clean and in good condition, there’s another home waiting for them.

Donate It or Ditch It?

Your cast-offs may help a worthy cause or make you money.

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Get Your Kids Involved

10 Tips for Donating to Charity

Making a charitable donation not only helps those in need, it also has important tax benefits for you.

How to Sell, Swap, or Donate Clothes

Use these tips to rid your closet of clothes you'll never wear again.

6 Ways to Fit Charitable Giving into Your Budget

You don’t have to be pulling in six figures to spend a portion of your earnings on charity. Here are some creative ways to budget in giving back.