The Guide to Happiness

Quick tricks for instant bliss, and the secrets of staying happy long-term.

Finding Happiness

8 Scientifically-Backed Ways to Feel Happier Right Now

The math is simple: Plenty of time outside plus good friends, minus too much Facebook and fast food, add up to serious joy.

10 Ways to Enjoy Doing Nothing

Advice on how to switch off―no thoughts of your to-do list―from a man who has devoted his career to the idyllic art of idling.

What Is the Best Thing Money Can't Buy?

If the economic downturn has clouded your countenance, then this column is for you. Real Simple readers, a resourceful bunch, have come up with dozens of examples of things that make them happy and don’t cost a dime. So ignore the gloomy forecast and get your bliss on. For free.

Simple Ways to Make Someone's Day

Waiters, bus drivers, and more reveal the little things that make a difference.


Small Pleasures

How to Increase Your Energy Levels

These energy-boosting changes to your daily routine will leave you feeling recharged.

Revisit Your Favorite Children’s Books

They’ll enchant―and surprise―you all over again.

Kid Films That Grown-Ups Love, Too

Try one of these crowd-pleaser picks chosen by Entertainment Weekly's Bill Keith.

6 TV Comedies You’ll Love

Could you use a laugh? Get the giggles going with these TV series, all handpicked by well-known comedians.