What Is Your Best Tip for Getting the Day Off to a Good Start?

It’s not easy to begin your morning on the right foot when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. This month, Real Simple readers share the A.M. rituals that help them rise and shine.

Photo by Christopher Silas Neal

Instead of going straight to the office, I veer off to a little coffee shop, where I spend an hour partaking in a cappuccino (in a “for here” cup!) and reading a good book. I got the idea for this ritual a few months ago while vacationing in Amsterdam, where sitting in a café and enjoying a quiet moment is the norm for locals. My “me” time leaves me feeling ready to tackle the day.

Danielle Noah

The key to quashing morning grogginess: a 10-minute dance party with my dogs, Oliver (a Pomeranian) and Coco (a Chihuahua mix). I put on country and pop music, then pick up my pups one by one and shimmy around the room. Sometimes they even jump on their hind legs and boogie on their own.

Lindsay Miller
Vernon Township, New Jersey

Every day before 10 a.m., I try to do something nice for someone else. A few of my favorite deeds: buying a sweet treat for a coworker, bestowing a compliment on a stranger, and giving another driver the right of way in early rush-hour traffic. These small acts lift my mood no matter how tired I am.

Eva Rivera
Fairfield, California

I drink a 17-ounce bottle of water before I do anything else; the hydration energizes me. What’s more, the ritual kicks off my day in a healthy way, and I find that one healthy choice leads to another.

Nava Pickman
Washington, D.C.

Because I work too late to put my 10- and 13-year-old kids to bed at night, I make time for a special chat with them every morning before school. We discuss what they’re doing in class and how they’re feeling. It gives me a good reason to drag myself out of bed.

Jennifer Monday
Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

Before I leave my bedroom, I always make the bed. By the time I waltz into the kitchen, I already feel productive.

Kim Rally
Ashburn, Virginia

Instead of watching the morning news while I get ready for work, I view old episodes of I Love Lucy, which air on the Hallmark channel. The show puts me in a much better mood than subjecting myself to reports about recent national tragedies would. I can catch up on current events later. In the morning, it’s important to feel lighthearted about life.

Cheryl Knopf
​​​​​​​Federalsburg, Maryland

I bought a new alarm clock that plays any song I choose. (The loud buzz of my old clock always used to put me in a foul mood.) Just keep in mind: If you want to wake up to music, select tunes that don’t begin with an intense drumbeat or a jarringly high falsetto note. I like Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love.”

Chrisi Rogers
Falls Church, Virginia