Ready to tackle your to-do list? We’re launching a “Get It Done” board with Pinterest that can help!

We all have ideas, aspirations, projects, and tasks that fill our heads each day that eventually make it out and onto our to-do lists. You, like many others, might go Pinterest to get inspiration, step-by-step guides, shopping lists, or more to help you get started. But they don’t need to stay there forever. If you’re looking to bring your Pins to life, you’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with Pinterest to launch a new board, Get It Done, to help you finally check off everything on your list.

Follow the Get It Done board to get genius shortcuts, brilliant tips, and easy-to-follow guides; The Get It Done: Top Checklists board to help you tackle whatever the task at hand; and the Get It Done: Habit Trackers to help you build new habits and, well, get things done.

Whether you have a project in mind or not, we’ve teamed up with 10 Pinterest influencers who will be pinning two of their favorite projects to the Get It Done board to not only provide gorgeous inspiration and creative ideas, but also to bring those ideas to life and help you accomplish them with ease.

See our influencers and their projects below. 

DIY Natural Shower Products
“I’ve gotten really into natural beauty products over the past few years as I try to rid my home of toxins. Making my own DIY shower products allows to me know exactly what ingredients are in them.” –A Beautiful Mess

DIY Nail Polish Storage
“This project not only looks cute, but helps me quickly find what polish color I may be looking for. Bonus points that I never forget what colors I already own. Ha!” –A Beautiful Mess

Bathroom Revamp
“This bathroom makeover project was all about making small simple changes that have a big impact. Going through drawers that were filled with things I didn’t use, swapping out the towels, adding a new bath mat, etc. My Pinterest page is filled with inspiration for the way I want my home to look and feel, and I use it to find inspiration before I start any of my projects to make sure I stick with what I know I love and am drawn to.” –DesignLoveFest

DIY Patio Umbrella
“This project was actually my friend Natalie’s idea. I have a great outdoor patio that we all love spending time on, but it gets really harsh sunlight for most of the day, and this massive umbrella was her solution. The idea was to take something inexpensive like this umbrella from IKEA and up-level it by making a few simple additions like the fringe and painting a pattern. I love the way it turned out and that it’s such a practical DIY project that gets a ton of use and solved the sunlight problem that I’d been having for awhile. It was a good reminder to not put projects off, but to face them head on.” –DesignLoveFest

Laundry Room Organization
“Redoing our laundry area was more of a necessity than anything when we moved into our new home, so diving in and creating a functional, beautiful, and inspiring space that I didn’t mind spending time in every day was something that was important to me (and to the laundry).” –Emily Henderson

Studio Windows
“When we moved into our studio space it was bright and open with these floor-to-ceiling windows, but the space lacked color and character. So we decided to add some color to the space with this quick and easy DIY on the windows.” –Emily Henderson

How to Style Shelves With Personality
"Styling shelves at home can be a challenge because it's not just about organizing—items on display in your home can say a lot about who you are (what you read, what you love, what things are meaningful in your life). It's like translating your life and personality into a vignette. We looked through our blog archives and our Pinterest boards for our best ideas and tips and consolidated them into this post."  –Jungalow

DIY Fringe Chandelier
“I first noticed the Hans Agne Jakobsson pendant lights from 1960’s on Pinterest and then again IRL when visiting The Apartment by The Line in West Hollywood. I loved the lamp, but the price tag (that hovered around $2000) was not within my budget. After experimenting and some Pinterest research, the DIY boho fringe light was born. Not only did we get the look, but it was made in under an hour and for less than $50 dollars!” –Jungalow

Container Gardens
“Yes, I really love the gratification I get from growing my own vegetables and being able to pick my own herbs when cooking. It’s definitely a creative outlet for me.” –SFgirlbybay

DIY Monthly Calendar Style
“Blogging gets really chaotic and I needed to have a calendar that was easy to update and to check my shoot and editorial calendar easily. I couldn’t find one that worked well for me, so I made my own.” –SFgirlbybay

How to Have the Best Looking Refrigerator
“Refrigerators are often a jumbled mess, making them difficult to sort through. Hidden food spoils, leftovers languish, and you're constantly having to shuffle things around. But what if your refrigerator could be a place of beautiful organization—just like a bookshelf?! I was inspired to make my refrigerator both more functional and more beautiful. Simple things help make your fridge more fun to look at—decanting things like milk into glass pitchers, storing eggs in a ceramic holder. It’s a fun, creative exercise to make your fridge work for you. Now it’s one of my favorite weekly activities!” –Apartment34

5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space
“As we head toward summer it’s the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space. I love looking at Pinterest for ideas. From seating arrangements to cool color schemes, I’m constantly inspired. The tough part becomes figuring out what ideas to use!” –Apartment34

Bathroom and Vanity Storage
“A lot of our readers want to know about organization and how we personally store our beauty items. We had a lot of requests for a post on that. For us, at least in our office, the more organized we are the easier it is for us to create fun, creative content which we hope inspires others to do the same! We often look for organization ideas on Pinterest and, when we find something that works well for us, we love to share it with our readers.” –The Beauty Dept

DIY Beauty Pops
“We wanted some healthy alternatives to sugar filled popsicles and seeing other recipes on Pinterest gives us the confidence to get creative with our own. There are so many things to learn when playing in the kitchen!”–The Beauty Dept

Meal Planning
“I meal plan on a weekly basis for multiple reasons... 1: It helps me avoid having to go to the market every day. 2: It allows me to not stress about dinner since I already know what’s on the menu. 3: It’s great because while planning, I mix up proteins and flavor combinations so I never get bored with what I’m cooking!” –What’s Gaby Cooking

How to Keep a Stocked Pantry
“I truly think that if you have a stocked and organized pantry then you can cook just about anything! Being able to see all my spices, grains, sauces etc., makes whipping up dinner a no-brainer. Plus it will put you at ease when you’re trying to make a game plan for feeding yourself and/or family.” –What’s Gaby Cooking

Food Waste Tips
“As Registered Dietitians, many of our clients don’t realize how easy it is to be more sustainable by reducing food waste at home. We created this simple guide to help people take small steps towards a healthier planet from the comfort of their own kitchens.” –Food Heaven Made Easy

How to Drink More Water
“Many clients we work with struggle to meet the recommended amount of water intake for a wide variety of reasons, including lack of time, on-the-go schedules, or feeling like H20 is just plain boring. But with these quick and simple tips, you’ll be able to increase your hydration status in no time. We all know drinking more water is good for you, but it can often seem like an impossible feat. With these tips you will be able to increase your hydration status in no time.” –Food Heaven Made Easy

Easy Nighttime Routine for Kid
“River’s hair is curly and so it’s important that I take care of it and make it seamless and painless.” –LaTonya Yvette

How to Ready Any Apartment for Spring
“Living in a small space has its ups and downs, but part of all of it is just learning to look at things differently and be more creative with your space.” –LaTonya Yvette

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