Inspired by a school book about giving, she’s on a mission to give care packages to those in need.

By Maggie Seaver
August 28, 2020

At 6 years old, Paris Williams is dedicated to feeding the homeless of downtown St. Louis, providing meals, masks, and any other essentials they need, now more than ever. She’s even raising money to start her own nonprofit organization, the Paris Cares Foundation, taking donations through GoFundMe and selling Paris Williams Cares T-shirts via Bonfire.

Paris was first moved to help the homeless after reading the children’s book, “One Boy’s Magic,” by Cari Chadwick Deal, in which the main character uses his magic to help people in need. 


The young philanthropist’s mom, Alicia Marshall, told KTVI FOX 2 News how Paris came home from school one day after reading books about giving to the less fortunate and said, “I want to give back to the homeless. What can we do to help the homeless?” 

“I kinda wanted to give some food to the homeless like the boy in the book," Paris told Fox 2. From there, Paris and her family came up with the idea to create care packages filled with food, drinks, masks, and other essentials to the homeless through no-contact drop-off. Since then, they’ve delivered over 500 care packages to St. Louis' homeless, donated enough food to provide over 250 meals, and bought lunch for essential workers. 

Paris tries to do more than simply drop off essentials—she leaves a bit of magic in every package, too. With each delivery she includes a special drawing or personal note meant to brighten her recipient’s day and make them feel loved. “I would help put in all the food and help draw all the pictures onto the bags,” Paris said. “I want to inspire people to do good things.” 

Alicia is incredibly proud of her creative and selfless daughter, whose huge heart and generous spirit at only 6 years old are something this world needs so much more, especially right now. "She's the driving force behind everything and we are just trying to support her the best we can,” Alicia said.

Clearly this girl’s magic has only just started spreading. According to Good News Network, Paris has no plans to let the new school year slow her down. She wants to host her own Thanksgiving hot-food drive for the homeless this fall and maybe even start a Christmas toy fund for underprivileged kids. 

If you’d like to make a donation, head to Paris’s GoFundMe or buy a Bonfire T-shirt to support her amazing cause.