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gosh! DRIPO Cold Brew Portable Barista Iced Coffee Maker
Make and take a 10-ounce serving of coffee in just 2½ hours (a fraction of the time needed for regular cold brews) with Dripo, this two-in-one iced-drip coffee maker and portable tumbler. BPA-free. To buy: $30;
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Cold Brew To Go

Make and take a 10-ounce serving of coffee in just 2½ hours (a fraction of the time needed for regular cold brews) with Dripo, this two-in-one iced-drip coffee maker and portable tumbler. BPA-free.

To buy: $24;

Glass-Cleaning Cloth

This washable microfiber cloth polishes away smudges, dirt, and water spots without scratching. Just dampen with water (no need for cleaner!).

To buy: Casabella microfiber glass cloth, $5 for two;

Cereal Cleaner Upper

Save on paper towels with this lightweight lithium wet/dry hand vacuum. Perfect for gooey messes, it can hold up to six ounces of liquid.

To buy: Wet/dry cordless vacuum, $45;

Next-Level Umbrella

The inside-out design of this rain essential makes it easy to get out of the front door (or car) without getting drenched. After use, the umbrella folds up and locks water in to keep it off the floors.

To buy: Betterbrella, $25,

Bristle-Free Toilet Brush

This re-imagined toilet wand is made up of 30 mini silicone squeegee blades to easily cut through bowl grime. Even better, it's drip-free and features a rust resistant handle.

To buy: Looeegee, $40,

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder

This wearable accessory allows you to easily paint your nails anywhere—whether on the couch or in the car. Place your polish inside the “ring” to keep it still, and tilt your hand as needed to reach the bottom of the bottle.

To buy: $8,

Matador Pocket Blanket

Keep this weighted, compact blanket in your bag this summer for any impromptu trips to the beach or park. It unfolds from a pouch smaller than an iPhone to a 19-square-foot blanket that fits four people sitting or two laying down. (Code: 20% off using RealSimpleMatador20 **This is case-sensitive)

To buy: $30;

Garject Garlic Press

If there’s one major timesaving tool in the kitchen, it’s a good garlic press. Trade in your minutes peeling and mincing for this quick-cleaning workhorse. It peels and presses whole cloves of garlic in one motion, and then scrapes itself clean when opened. Just press the eject button and the peel jumps into the trash.

To buy: $38;

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat

Are you cleaning your makeup brushes once a week? Neither were we until we found this cleansing gem. The mat, which suctions to the bottom of your sink, has seven different textures for an ultra deep clean. Start by getting the mat and your brushes wet, then add your facial or brush cleanser to the “wash” texture. Depending on the brush (eye or face), use the correct side and swirl each brush across each of the textures—making sure to rinse in between. Continue each step until the bristles are gunk-free, then reshape with your fingers and lay brushes out to dry.

To buy: $25,


Now you can reach that last drop of skin-care product without slicing the jar or setting it upside down overnight. Slide the scoop into the bottle using whichever end fits the jar's opening to retrieve the remaining goods.

To buy: $10,

Sock Wrangler

Lost socks, you’ve met your match. This bungee-style gadget keeps 10 pairs together for washing and drying. Use one organizer for each family member and never sort socks again.

To buy: $20 for two;

Luxe Leather Key Ring

Slip this four-inch-diameter hoop over your wrist or forearm when you’re on the move and need to be hands-free. Stain-resistant leather comes in more than 50 colors.

To buy: Big O Key Ring, $55;

Other favorites!

Compact Scissors

Take scissors to go with this device which transforms from a slim pen shape to fully usable scissors.

To buy: Kum Pen-Cut Scissors, $15,

Retractable Lint Roller

Who knew this garment essential could look so chic? Just twist the base like lipstick and the lint roller extends, revealing a sticky sheet. When you're out of paper, pop on a refill.

To buy: Flint, $8–$10, refill, $3;

Travel Toothpaste Adapter

Hotels rarely provide toothpaste, so take yours to go. This set includes a handy adapter that connects your full-size tube with a travel-size one for easy filling.

To buy: Toothpaste 2 Go starter pack, $7;