By Kristin van Ogtrop
Updated January 22, 2015
Kristin van Ogtrop

...then I’ve got the man for you.

Turns out we have a bona fide Renaissance Man working in the photo department at Real Simple. His name is Brian Madigan, and he is our photo archivist. That means Brian does about a million things here (which is true of so many of the talented folks who work in these halls), although it does not mean that he teaches knitting to anyone on staff who wants to learn. But he does that too. So far I (and a handful of other staffers) have had three knitting lessons with Brian. He is much too polite to tell you that I have made absolutely no progress. And he’s much too humble to tell you that for the last lesson he brought in an insane chocolate cake that he had made from a nearly impossible recipe the day before. It had chocolate glaze icing and a giant chocolate bow on top. We were impressed, and grateful.

Today Brian shocked us again. Before we began what looked like an ordinary meeting in the art department, Brian opened two plastic containers that he had brought from home. Inside were eggs. But not just any eggs.

Crazy Renaissance man Brian read this blog and decided to do it himself. And to share the results with the rest of us. Brian being Brian, he was very critical of his results (should have warmed the frosting; should have considered dying the eggs before removing the insides), but honestly! I just think the whole thing is a miracle. As is our very own Renaissance Man. Happy Easter!