And how to handle your own time management issues, too.

want to like you podcast
Credit: Alyce Jones

Some people seem to always be on time, but what about that friend who’s constantly showing up late for plans? Or maybe you’re the one who’s perpetually five minutes late, despite your best efforts. Are the chronically late just selfish, or is their lateness something psychological? On this week’s episode of “I Want to Like You,” Real Simple editor Kristin van Ogtrop calls on time management expert Julie Morganstern and etiquette expert Daniel Post Senning to discuss late people, and how to make sure their habit doesn’t ruin your day.

If you have a friend who’s always running 10 minutes late, Morganstern suggests finding the silver lining: anticipate the time, and use it. Bring a book with you, catch up on emails, or find another way to be productive during the delay. If your friend or partner’s lateness is starting to wear on your relationship and your patience, both Senning and Morganstern have suggestions for letting them know that it’s getting on your nerves in a caring, but effective, manner. For that advice, and more, listen to the full episode below, and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes!