The dynamic duo is taking a stance on sharing good vibes.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated August 22, 2019
Credit: Getty Images

Chip and Joanna Gaines may be best known for their home renovation prowess, close-knit family, Joanna Gaines’s biscuit recipe, the Magnolia Table cookbook, and other tangible successes, but anyone who has watched the couple on Fixer Upper or in interviews (or even on social media) has likely noticed that Chip and Jo have stupendous attitudes and positive approaches to life, too.

The two present an almost irrepressible can-do attitude, and while Joanna’s energy is a little quieter, Chip’s optimism is loud and proud. Watching how the two interact with fans, clients, and more, it’s easy to see that they value respect, kindness, and other wholesome, positive traits—and now they’re taking steps to help spread those values. (It’s nice to see that Chip and Joanna Gaines’s net worth doesn’t seem to have changed them.)

In a recent blog post on the Magnolia blog titled “We Believe in Human Kindness,” Chip talks about how they encourage an attitude of kindness at their Magnolia company.

“At Magnolia, we have written something we call the Magnolia Manifesto, which serves as a cornerstone or lighthouse of sorts, as something we can point to and say this is what we believe to be true,” he writes. “There’s a particular line that kept returning to me again and again these past few weeks: ‘We believe in human kindness, knowing we are made better when we work together.’”

With that in mind, Chip and his team have made four downloadable, printable flyers to encourage passersby to perform random acts of kindness. Two include general acts of kindness, one is made with children in mind, and another is blank, for filling in custom acts of kindness. Chip suggests hanging one (or many) in a public place, where it can serve as a reminder to anyone passing by to do something kind. The tabs with acts of kindness on them can be torn off, so good-doers can carry their task with them and even pass it on to others. Acts include making time to call an old friend, paying for a stranger’s coffee or meal, bringing coffee or snacks to a first responder, and sitting by a new student at lunch (for kids)—excellent reminders that anyone can do something kind for another.

“I’m challenging our people at Magnolia to make kindness loud,” Chip writes in his blog post. “I’d like to challenge y’all to do the same. If you’re willing to join us in spreading kindness, use #makeKINDNESSloud on social media.” (Joanna has already joined in.)

If you’re interested in spreading the kindness, download your choice of flyer from the Magnolia blog, print it out, and hang it wherever you think is appropriate—you may see a flurry of kind acts almost immediately.