By Kristin van Ogtrop
Updated January 22, 2015
James Baigrie

First of all, many thanks to those of you who offered advice to get me through the hideous car buying journey of last week. The bad news is that Immature Kristin (IK) is still mad at the first dealer, despite the efforts of Mature Kristin (MK) to get her to forgive, let it go, release the anger, drop that rock, because life’s too short, etc. etc. etc. But MK will keep trying until she prevails.

The very good news is that I followed the excellent advice of many of you and decided to try to conduct the whole thing via email. Just one word: MAGIC. I typed my name and email into a dealer’s website, got an email an hour later, and then spent a day and a half going over prices, options, and colors. (Yes, I checked and know all about that TMV thing.) The salesperson was responsive, fast, direct, and extremely helpful. We settled on a price, and I put down a deposit at the end of day 2. I never went into the dealership (I’d already test-driven the car at Evil Dealership) until day 3, when I signed the papers. (At which point lovely, perfect, not-evil-and-maybe-she-can-adopt-me salesperson #2 said, “You have driven this car, haven’t you?”)

Both IK and MK thank you very much for your help, and we all vow that we will never, ever conduct a car negotiation in person again!