This Chic Water Flosser Is the Only Way to Floss My Sensitive Gums Without Bleeding

Even my nitpicky dentist approves.

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My oral health story consists of many ups and downs. Not to toot my own horn, but I used to be quite the model client for my dentist (his words, not mine)—I would floss diligently and brush my teeth three times a day. Then, I started Invisalign, and once I finished my (very long) two-year plan, I was left with straight teeth and very, very sensitive gums.

Post-Invisalign, it became nearly impossible to find a toothbrush soft enough to use on my teeth without simultaneously spitting out a pool of blood. And I could forget about flossing—the sawing motion of thread would feel like blades slicing at my gums, and I was left with no choice but to put a pause on my formerly impeccable interdental habits.

As much as I wanted to be content with my simplified oral routine, I couldn't get my dentist's words out of my head: Not flossing is the same thing as letting bacteria throw a block party on your teeth (ick). So, I set off to find a flosser my gums could actually withstand.

I always assumed that water flossers—those nifty contraptions that shoot jets of water into your mouth—were limited to dental offices, but I soon discovered that it was an entirely feasible way of flossing at home. A quick Google search took me to a long and overwhelming Amazon list of clunky, medical-looking devices that ate up my limited counter space.

When I eventually came across the Burst Water Flosser ($80;, it was a sight for sore eyes. Not only is the casing super chic, it looks no different from a standard electric toothbrush—aside from the curved tip in place of a brush head. It was a welcome (and compact!) addition to my bathroom sink.


Warning: If you've never used a water flosser, it might get a little messy during the learning curve. The first time I used the Burst flosser, I wasn't expecting the sheer force of the spray—it comes with three powerful settings (standard, turbo, and pulse) that produces a frothy mix of water when pressurized. I ended up ejecting most of the water (mixed with some Listerine mouthwash) onto my bathroom mirror.

But once I got accustomed to the settings, I have to admit, it's the best oral decision I've ever made. The water power is strong enough to eliminate every bit of food and debris between my teeth that even traditional dental floss can't reach. All that—and no drop of blood to be seen.

One of the best parts is how easy it is to refill and clean the water tank. Instead of having to take care of a bulky reservoir that comes with most water flossers (which, TBH, reminds me of my asthma nebulizer), you can put the water directly inside the flosser handle. For people with dexterity issues, it's a very ergonomic and lightweight option.

Thanks to my water flosser, the tedious process of flossing has suddenly become less painful and, well, a lot of fun. Who doesn't enjoy the part at the dentist when they blast water up your mouth (just me)? Another plus: One full charge keeps the portable device going for up to 80 days, so you can easily pack it in your suitcase or keep it on your counter without an entanglement of wires getting in the way.

If you want to score the brilliant flossing gadget for yourself, you can nab it on Amazon for $80.


To buy: $80;

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