This Is the Only Outfit I'll Travel in—and It's Actually Stylish

Comfortable, durable, versatile, and stylish, these travel clothes do it all.

Best travel clothes for women - travel outfit that looks cute
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Growing up, I traveled a lot, and today I know how to pack a suitcase full of versatile travel clothes like a pro and can pass all those carry-on luggage rules without breaking a sweat. What I do struggle with when it comes to traveling, though, is what to wear. Finding trustworthy travel clothes to wear while exploring a new town or country is tricky—finding a travel outfit you can actually stand to wear for hours on a plane, train, or automobile is even trickier. And forget finding something that actually looks good.

I'd resigned myself to dressing like I was going to the gym every time I traveled (leggings, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sneakers) until, on a recent work trip, I spotted a women wearing a sleek set of travel clothes. She looked comfortable and effortless—exactly what I strive for when I travel, though blowing fans and crowded rows of seats that have me going from hot to cold in a matter of seconds make it all-but impossible.

As we exited the plane at the end of the flight, I asked the woman where she got her travel clothes. "Patagonia," she told me, and with a little clicking around, I found the best travel clothes for women: the Patagonia Women's Fleetwith Romper (To buy: $119;

Best travel clothes for women - Patagonia Women's Fleetwith Romper

Patagonia Women's Fleetwith Romper ($119;

In hindsight, of course the perfect travel outfit was a jumpsuit (Patagonia calls the item a romper, but it has long pants, so I'm calling it a jumpsuit): Is anything else as effortlessly comfortable, as casually chic? Almost immediately after returning from that trip—and before I left for my next one—I picked up a Fleetwith jumpsuit.

I was ecstatic to find out that it was just as comfortable as it looked. The top part is roomy, with a pretty crossed back, and the pants are snug enough to look tailored and put-together without crossing over into too-tight territory. A simple elastic waistband ties the whole thing together, offering a little shapeliness to the travel outfit without being too constricting. The material is recycled polyester and spandex, so it's wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying—spills and sweaty leather seats have nothing on these airy, breathable travel clothes.

Beyond the comfort aspect, the Fleetwith jumpsuit also has a slew of style-focused features that mean it can go straight from plane to (casual) meeting. The legs end in a nice scalloped crop, and the black color is capable of fitting in anywhere. The jumpsuit is available in a multi-colored pattern and a solid blue color, too, so people can dress however best suits their style. For functionality, the jumpsuit has four solid pockets, plus a small one that zips—keeping track of travel documents, an ID, and a phone has never been easier.

Thanks to a series of trips in a relatively short time, I was able to put my new go-to travel clothes to the test, and they did not disappoint. On a cross-country flight, I felt cool and collected; on a five-hour train ride, I was comfortable through every stop along the route. I even declined changing clothes after my arrival at my destination—with a change of shoes and a different light jacket, I felt more than ready (and appropriately dressed) to take on the town. I've even worn my travel jumpsuit to the office—with nice sandals and a blazer or denim-jacket, it's 100 percent office-ready.

The one downside? As with any jumpsuit or romper, visiting the restroom while wearing this one is a bit of a challenge; that functionality is certainly something to consider, especially if tight layovers with short windows for bathroom breaks are involved in your travel plans.

Anyone who is staunchly anti-jumpsuit won't get along with this travel outfit, but for those who believe in the power of them, I highly recommend it. I've never been so comfortable—and felt so well-dressed—while traveling, and now I'm never going back.

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