The Best Time to Use Your Appliances

Save money by running your dishwasher and washing machine wisely.



Photo by Tom Schierlitz

Run your dishwasher or washing machine between the hours of 7 P.M. and noon and the amount you’re charged may be cut by half, says Jennifer Thorne Amann, a coauthor of Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings (New Society Publishers, $18, Here’s why: Many utility companies charge higher rates during peak times (typically noon to 7 P.M., with the heaviest usage coming at 2 P.M.), so if you opt for less popular hours, you’ll get a discount. Policies vary, so check with your energy provider for availability.

And here’s one more bill-cutting tip: If your dishwasher and washing machine are more than 10 years old, run them simultaneously when possible. By maximizing the use of your hot-water heater, you’ll save a few more bucks.