I Tried Tons of Posture-Correcting Products—These 6 Actually Helped

Time to straighten up.

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I won't lie. My posture has always lacked a little bit, and things definitely deteriorated during the pandemic when I was getting out less and sitting a whole lot more. At the end of 2020, I actually had an incident that messed up my lower back to the point that I struggled to even roll over in the middle of the night. Big yikes.

It took me a few stubborn days of aggressive googling and magical thinking ("It'll be fine…"), a workout I really shouldn't have attempted, and finally the insistence of my husband to be more proactive. So I reluctantly scheduled a visit to the chiropractor—and thus began my journey of posture rectification.

The first thing the chiropractor asked me was, "What's your desk situation?" Admittedly, my desk situation was also not ideal, often doing work on the couch or at the kitchen table. On that day, I committed to improving my standing, sitting, and walking posture. Along the way I have tried a lot of products, but these are the items that have actually helped make a difference.

Back Embrace

Best Posture Correctors, Back Embrace


For simply being a carefully designed set of stretchy bands, BackEmbrace is surprisingly effective at gently pushing your shoulders into proper alignment. Of the posture correctors I tried in this category, this was definitely my favorite. It's remarkably gentle and non-invasive while still doing exactly what it needs to do. I also like that it's discreet and can be worn under most clothes. Others I tried like this didn't work as well, were really uncomfortable, or even added neck pain I didn't have before.

Flexispot Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Best Posture Correctors, Flexispot Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk


As mentioned, my desk situation was probably the biggest culprit in my poor posture, and consequently my lower back pain. I really like the idea of being able to stand while working, but standing all day is just as bad for you as sitting all day. Flexispot delivers both options with the push of a button. I have the ability to adjust up or down to fit my exact height when sitting too, which means I'm not hunching over, looking down, or looking up. Basically, I'm highly satisfied.

Flexispot Ergonomic Soutien Office Chair

Best Posture Correctors, Flexispot Ergonomic Soutien Office Chair


I was so delighted with the Flexispot desk that I ultimately chose to try the newest addition to the brand's fleet of ergonomic chairs. The Soutien Office Chair is adjustable at the head, arms, and base, and it has a 45-degree tilt for leaning back. Most importantly, it comes with a robust lumbar cushion that conforms to your body—one of the best I've seen out there. In my arduous plight to fix my lower back pain, I realized that I wasn't getting enough support in this area. It feels so nice to just sit back and find that reliable support.

Altapolo Posture Corrector and Clavicle Brace

Best Posture Correctors, Altapolo Posture Corrector and Clavicle Brace


I was eager to try this posture corrector because of its affordability and high praise on Amazon, and it ended up being one of my favorites. This one provides clavicle support and really pushes your shoulders back for an extreme visible difference right from the get-go.

Note: Because it's a bit more aggressive compared to others, it's not meant to be worn every single day or for long stretches. In fact, the brand says to wear it for 20 to 30 minutes per day at first, and then gradually build up to two-hour sessions. The goal is to create good habits and train your brain and body on proper form.

Upright Go2

Best Posture Correctors, Upright Go2


Who needs Mom saying, "Don't slouch!" if you've got a smart device buzzing at you to do exactly that? The Upright Go2 is a fitness tracker for posture that features in-app training sessions that help you improve posture over time. The small device is placed in between your upper shoulder blades and gently buzzes when your posture declines as a reminder to straighten up.

I'll be honest and say that there have been moments where I curse this device because it is a persistent little thing. However, those little buzzes—as annoying as they might become—are ultimately a good thing. Using it has certainly called attention to my slouching, and the improvements have been slow and steady.

321 Strong Foam Roller with Spinal Channel

Best Posture Correctors, 321 Strong Foam Roller with Spinal Channel


It took me a while before I was sold on the idea of a foam roller, but at the urging of my chiropractor I decided to give one a try. The premise behind its function is pretty simple. Whether sitting or standing, our bodies naturally curve forward. Consistently using a foam roller on your back—two to four times a week for five to 10 minutes per session—stretches those muscles out so they're not as curved.

To use, you place it directly under your back and roll back and forth (butt on the ground), then move down the spine slowly, taking about five deep breaths at each stop. The first couple weeks using this foam roller was intense because my back was simply not used to being stretched that way. Now I get excited to use it because it feels amazing right after, and I can tell it's improving my posture in the long run.

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