By Kristin van Ogtrop
Updated January 21, 2015
Frances Janisch

Yesterday I was walking to a meeting and wondering—as I often do at 3:00 p.m.—how I was going to get through it. Not that I don’t completely love my job every waking minute of the day. But there is that midafternoon exhaustion that always seems to hit me like a wave. Weirdly, chanting “IlovemyjobIlovemyjob” does not make it go away. And so I found myself heading toward our little Real Simple office kitchenette and thinking, “Anything is possible with enough coffee.” Which led, naturally, to the various other ways I have ended that sentence at other times in my life:

Anything is possible…

• With 8 hours of sleep
• If I get a dog
• If I pay down my debt
• If I grow my hair out
• If I get a haircut
• If I get a raise
• With the help of a therapist
• With a small circle of true friends
• Once the baby sleeps through the night
• Once I’m out of my teens
• Once I’m married
• With a college degree
• With a graduate degree*
• If I write a book
• If I put everything into neat piles
• If I stop biting my nails
• If I apologize
• If I forgive
• If I find a job I love
• If I start every day by making the bed
• With perseverance
• With willpower
• With patience
• If my children are healthy
• If I maintain a sense of humor
• With a trusted partner
• With a family who loves me

*Really not true, at least not in my case

OK, now you finish the sentence.