Next-level Winter Gloves—and 5 More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

It’s one of those go, go, go types of weeks. And we could all use a little help. We put together six smart products that will help you to relax, stay warm in the frosty weather, and even upgrade your ponytail.

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Purple's The Cloud Pillow

Purple’s The Cloud Pillow
Courtesy of Purple

Love the feeling of a down pillow but not a fan of how they sometimes flatten? This sleep essential is made from ultra fine gel fibers that have the feel of feathers but without the clumps. Even better, it feels cool on your cheek as you drift off to dreamland.

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Face Gym Weighted Face Ball

Face Gym Weighted Face Ball
Courtesy of Face Gym

Relieve tension in your shoulders, neck, and even face with this handy orb. It comes with its own "workout" so you can learn how to use it when you're feeling stressed. Face feeling puffy? Cleanse skin and then gently massage with the ball to depuff.

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Gordini Gore-tex Down Glove

Gordini Gore-tex Down Glove
Courtesy of Gordini

Keep your hands warm with these next-level gloves. They're waterproof and filled with down feathers for toasty finger tips. The lining is moisture-wicking so hands don't get sweaty and there's a built-in nosewipe pad (we've all been there!).

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Cometeer coffee capsules

Cometeer coffee capsules
Courtesy of Cometeer

The latest in coffee innovation? These frozen capsules. Coffee is brewed at 10 times its strength and then frozen into single-serve recyclable aluminum cups for peak freshness. When you're ready for a cup just plop the puck in and pour hot water over it. Like iced coffee? Let the capsule thaw before adding water and ice.

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Smart Wool Run Zero Cushion Low Ankle Socks

Smart Wool Run Zero Cushion Low Ankle Socks
Courtesy of Smart Wool

See that X design in the middle of the sock? It provides compression to keep the sock in place while you're jogging (no sliding or scooching here). These wool socks also have cushioning in the ball and hell of the foot and mesh ventilation to keep your feet from sweating. Comes in crew too.

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Scout + Teleties hair ties

Scout + Teleties hair ties
Courtesy of Scout Bags

These bands boast big comfort, no matter how high that ponytail is. They're designed to grip hair without ripping or leaving indentations. We love them because they don't give us that dreaded hairstyle headache.

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