Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. From a spoiler-free gifting feature on Amazon to a smarter, bacteria-busting water bottle, these items will have you breathing easier in no time.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated December 18, 2020
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This all-in-one set lets anyone seeking non-dairy milk alternatives make their own nut-based milk at home. The included recipe book will teach you how to make almond, hazelnut, and coconut milk, and a reusable mesh filter and spill-proof lid let you make, store, and enjoy your homemade nut milks over and over again.




Thanks to UVC—or Ultraviolet-C—technology inside the bottle, this smarter reusable water bottle purifies its contents, eliminating up to 99.99 percent of bacteria in minutes. (A shorter quick clean cycle for more reliable water is ready in 60 seconds.) Beyond its purifying ability, this bottle has double-wall vacuum insulation, a convenient carrying loop, and a lightweight build that allows it to go wherever you do.




Perfect for introducing more moisture to a small area—yes, even your home office or workspace—this ultra-portable, low-profile humidifier just needs a glass of water to start whirring. And because it’s USB-powered, it won’t take up precious outlet space, either.



With its treat pouch, pocket for poop bags, and straps for toys and a leash, this premium leather bag has everything man and man’s best friend need for an hour or two at the park—plus it looks sleeker than your standard nylon bag or pouch. Powerful magnets allow you to attach the bag to your pants, so there aren’t straps to deal with, and the material will just look better and better over the years.




This kit of three sustainable dental-care items helps protect your teeth and the planet (and it’s perfectly sized for travel). With mouthwash tablets, a three-month supply of biodegradable floss, and toothpaste tablets, this set is the full tooth-brushing routine in one portable, natural, reusable package. (You can even choose your preferred color family for the refillable containers.)

Credit: Amazon


This spoiler-free feature from Amazon allows you to send tracking information to a gift recipient so they can watch out for their delivery—without revealing what’s inside the box. After ordering holiday gifts from Amazon and marking them as gifts, you can check on the item once it has shipped and choose to “Share Tracking” through text, email, or messaging apps. The recipient will get tracking info—but they won’t know what the gift is.