Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. See a tool that can help improve kids’ dental hygiene, an unforgettable safety tool, and more little helpers for life.

By Lauren Phillips
December 11, 2020
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This pocket attaches to the back of your smartphone or phone case and can hold up to three cards. Even more impressively, it has a built-in siren and an alert feature you can use to reach a 24/7 response center if you feel endangered. Perfect for late-night runners, college students, or anyone who finds themselves out late at night more than they’d like, this safety tool combines security and subtlety—and because it’s attached to your phone, it’s impossible to forget. Each purchase comes with a free five-month subscription to Katana’s 24/7 response center; after that, the subscription is $10 per month.




Keep kids (and distracted grown-ups) brushing for the full two minutes with this playful timing tool. When started, the turtle will start a two-minute countdown, with each of its four flippers lighting up to remind kids to brush each of the four quadrants of their mouth. The turtle is water-resistant and can be attached to a mirror so it’s always ready to lend a helping flipper.




With an easier motion and a more ergonomic grip than the classic scraper, this conical tool allows you to clear ice off your car’s windshield in less time and with less effort. By moving it in a circular motion, you can double the area covered with each motion, and the pointed, serrated cap can help with hard ice, too.




This microwave popper makes cooking up a butter- and oil-free batch of popcorn easy. Simply add up to five tablespoons of kernels—for up to 10 cups of popped corn—and cook in the microwave. You can add butter or salt as desired afterward, but you’ll be avoiding excess butter and oil from popping the kernels in a pan. The popper is also dishwasher-safe for easier clean-up.




Never leave the house unmasked again with the help of this simple wall rack. It has slots for hanging face masks, plus a slotted shelf for fresh filters and space for sunglasses, keys, or other items you want to grab while heading out the door. It even wipes clean, so you can make sure this drop zone is virus-free.



Whether it’s for yourself or it’s meant to be a gift, the new Remedy Set collections from Wine Access make buying high-quality wine easier. These curated collections center around different 2020 experiences: One is for those developing new hobbies during lockdown, and another is meant for anyone (but particularly parents) wanting to sink deep into quiet time at the end of the day. If you know you want good wine but you’re not sure what to pick, these collections deliver just-right varietals for your 2020 mood straight to your door.