An Iron That'll Make You Love Ironing (Yes, We Said It)—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

December, we’re in full swing. Here’s hoping you’re taking full advantage of the chilly weather to cozy up under your favorite blanket, watch movies you’ve seen a thousand times, and spend time with family by the fire pit. This week, we’ve found an iron shaped like a hair straightener so you don’t have to sweat wrinkles during your holiday travel, the perfect high-quality slippers at a low price to give, and an app to help you (and Santa) keep track of your holiday shopping spoils.

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The Nori Press

Nori flat iron
Courtesy of Nori

This handy tool will convert even the most ironing averse. It's shaped like a hair straightener with aluminum plates to smooth out wrinkles and press your clothes with no ironing board or water required. It's perfect to stash in your suitcase and press a collar or hem when you need it.

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Otherworld Plant-Based Pancake & Waffle Mix

otherworld plant-based mix
Courtesy of Otherworld

Made with ingredients like barley fiber and zucchini powder and no added sugar, these mixes—which come in flavors like Banana Chocolate Chip and Apple Cinnamon—are the fiber- and protein-rich alternative to pancake mix, no matter your dietary restrictions. Plus, all you have to do is add water.

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ARCH Memory Foam Slippers


These ingenious slippers feature a double strap around the middle for less slippage as you shuffle from the home office to the kitchen and back. The sole also has memory foam for all-day support (no shame here in wearing slippers 24/7), and faux fur to make them soft beyond belief. They come in two colorways, Kelly Green and Cowgirl, perfect for holiday gifting to yourself or your TikTok teen.

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FogBlocker Wet Wipes

fogblocker anti-fogging wet wipes
Courtesy of Fog Blocker

When the inevitable mask plus glasses equals fog strikes again, have one of these individually-wrapped wipes handy in your bag. It'll keep lenses clear for 24 hours, and will wipe away dirt and grease at the same time.

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SnoShark Standard

snoshark ice scraper and snow remover
Courtesy of SnoShark

When your car is covered in snow and sludge, extend this tool up to 39 inches and use the paddle to push away the mess in hard to reach areas, then flip it over and use the ice scraper on your windshield. It's made from stainless steel that won't rust and collapses down for easy storage.

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Santa's Bag

santa's bag app
Courtesy of Apple

While hopefully you're feeling good about your holiday shopping to-dos at this moment, this free app is exactly what you need to stay organized. Make separate to-do lists for each recipient, logging what you've purchased so far, what you need to purchase, and even whether it's wrapped and where you've hidden it in the house.

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