Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. Here, see crafty holiday cards, a light fixer, and more items to help your holiday season go a little smoother.
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6 Clever Items 12/4/20 - Smithey Ironware Co. 3.5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

1 Smithey Ironware Co. 3.5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven


New from Smithey, this smaller-than-usual Dutch Oven—you’re likely used to seeing 5-quart options—is built to serve a household instead of a crowd. For smaller batches of stews, risottos, and more comfort food, this tool can’t be beat, and the size and lighter weight mean storage is easier. It even has a fully polished cast iron interior for a cooking experience that gets better over time.

6 Clever Items 12/4/20 - Crafty MerMade Support Ears

2 Crafty MerMade Support Ears


To help with ear chafing and uncomfortable pulling while wearing a face mask, try this supportive headband. It has sewn-on buttons to attach your mask to, instead of your ears, and the cloth material also helps keep hair back to cut down on how often you touch your face.

6 Clever Items 12/4/20 - Paint-by-Number Holiday Card Set

3 Paint-by-Number Holiday Card Set


Send out thoughtful, handmade greeting cards and help fill your hours at home with this pretty paint-by-number set. Each order comes with four cards, plus the paint and brushes you need to decorate them, and you can keep the cards for your own decor or send them out with a heartfelt message for the holiday season.

6 Clever Items 12/4/20 - Ulta Lit Keeper LED Light Set Repair Tool

4 Ulta Lit Keeper LED Light Set Repair Tool


Keep your holiday lights in tip-top shape with this tool, which can help identify and fix broken LED lights on your strands. Instead of tossing a strand with a broken bulb, you can find the issue, repair it, and keep your lights shining for another year.

6 Clever Items 12/4/20 - Someone Somewhere Lifeproof Pullover

5 Someone Somewhere Lifeproof Pullover


This sweatshirt is made from French Terry cotton, with an interior coating that offers odor protection (enough that you can wear it for a full week without it needing a wash) and an exterior one that makes it resistant against stains from any water-based substance (including wine). It even takes up less space, thanks to a hidden elastic band that makes rolling it up easy, making it a great piece of leisurewear for fall and winter.

6 Clever Items 12/4/20 - Christmas List App

6 Christmas List App

Modernize your gifting process with the Christmas List App, which allows users to create and share lists with friends and family. As presents are purchased, they can be marked as such in the app so there are no duplicates—but don’t worry: The list-maker won’t know what’s been marked off the list. Best of all, the app allows you to set a budget for everyone you plan to shop for this year, so you can easily keep track of how much you’ve spent on that person and slow down when you’ve reached the limit.