An Actually-Cute Plunger—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

With company coming over for the holidays, why not delight young and old alike with arguably the most adorable plunger (yes, we said it!) the world has ever seen? Plus, a dish to make buttering bread at dinner a cinch, a waterproof outlet to keep your lights bright no matter the weather, and a mat to keep Fido busy when guests arrive.

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The Plunger by Staff

Product photo of The Plunger by Staff
Courtesy of Coming Soon

You'll be proud to leave this plunger in plain view thanks to the translucent neon handle (fun!) and drip-tray base that keeps the floor clean (functional!).

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Cuisinart 4-in-1 Pasta Tool

Product photo of a 4-in-1 Pasta Tool
Courtesy of Cuisinart

This handy gadget has a salt measurer, a spaghetti portioner, a clawlike scoop for serving, and a mini cheese grater for the perfect flurry of Parmesan.

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Butter Hub

Product photo of a Butter Hub
Courtesy of Butter Hub

The base of this butter dish has curved ends, making it easy to scoop up the good stuff. A magnet holds the knife in place so it's always at the ready.

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Cync Outdoor Smart Plug

Product photo of a Cync Outdoor Smart Plug
Courtesy of Best Buy

Connect a pool pump, garden fountain, or inflatable lawn Santa to this weatherproof outlet that you can control from your phone (and even voice activate).

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Wrap Buddies Gift Wrapping Tool

Product photo of the Wrap Buddies Tabletop Gift Wrapping Tool,
Courtesy of The Grommet

These genius clamps secure gift wrap to a tabletop so you can cut, fold, and tape in a flash.

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Compakt Large Garment Bag

Product photo of a Compakt Large Garment Bag
Courtesy of Calpak

Keep that holiday dress pressed in this trifold garment bag. With enough pockets for accessories and shoes, it even works as an overnight bag.

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Enrichment Licking eMat

Photo of an Enrichment Licking eMat
Courtesy of The BK Shop

When you want your dog distracted and happy (like before guests arrive), spread peanut butter on this grooved mat. Licking can soothe your pup's nerves.

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