Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. With a smarter banking option for teenagers, a better hairbrush, and an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper, these items are here to make even the most mundane task a little better.

By Lauren Phillips
November 13, 2020
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Credit: Made In


$139 for a set of 12 glasses,

Made In revolutionized cooking gear and tableware, and now it’s launching a collection of titanium-reinforced wine and water glasses that are tougher and more abrasion-resistant than your standard set. With sleek designs, red and white wine glasses, and a coating process that makes it less likely to break and dishwasher-safe, a set of these glasses (four each of white wine, red wine, and water glasses) can be the tougher vessel of choice for your holidays.




Thanks to its sturdy, cone-shaped plastic bristles, this brush gently unravels tangles and knots instead of yanking through them. The bristles can massage the scalp while you brush to help increase circulation, and the ergonomic handle fits neatly into your palm for a more comfortable experience. Possibly best of all, the brush can be used on wet or dry hair of every texture and length (even extensions and wigs).




This hydroponic kit allows you to grow sunflowers on your windowsill or window-front table with minimal mess and fuss. The kit contains everything you need (and a beautiful pot) and easy instructions to make your bright gardening experiment a success.




This cordless vacuum is lightweight and powerful, with smart sensor technology that senses dirt and dust on the floor and adjusts suction strength accordingly to help you clean the dirtiest patches without wasting battery life. It comes with a comprehensive set of clever attachments and even converts into a hand vac for smaller jobs, so cleaning every inch of the home is easier and more efficient than ever.




Shrink your holiday footprint with this smart wrapping paper, which is made from recycled newsprint material. Once it’s used, it can be recycled, while glossy wrapping papers can’t be—and with cute seasonal prints on both sides, you can get all the holiday wrapping cheer you crave with less eco-guilt.

Credit: Step


Developed specifically for teenagers learning how to manage money, this app and linked Visa card helps them learn money management and build credit with less risk than traditional accounts. Step is FDIC-insured, so their hard-earned money from babysitting and after-school jobs is safe, and it charges no interest or fees—not even overdraft fees. The app offers frequent updates on their account balance and spending habits, and there’s even a money-sending feature that makes getting paid for doing their chores (or asking Mom or Dad for money) easy. For users aged 13 and up.