A Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

As we welcome November, let's get a head start on preparing for the holidays. Here you’ll find a tasty little non-alcoholic cocktail, perfect for hosting a pregnant relative, a calming collar to soothe your pup when the house is full, and a meal delivery service that will take care of Thanksgiving dinner.

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Figlia Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo


Non-alcoholic cocktails are a big trend this year. Pour some of this aperitivo over ice and serve with an orange garnish to feel like you're enjoying a spritz on the sidewalk but without the hangover. Plus, a percentage of each purchase goes to 1% for the Planet, which supports environmental causes.

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Helmm Refillable Deodorant Starter Kit

Helmm deodorant

Do your part to reduce plastic waste with this reusable deodorant container that comes with a refillable cartridge. The deodorant is made for all genders, and you can choose between antiperspirant, sport, or natural deodorants that come in a wide range of scents like Hudson or Coastline.

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Alzoo Calming Collar

anti-stress dog collar

Put this soothing collar on your dog before guests arrive. It has plant extracts valeriane and lavandin that have been proven to have a calming effect on dogs.

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Slip Contour Sleep Mask

Slip Contour Sleep Mask

For those with eyelash extensions or a pet peeve of sleep masks touching their eyes, this 100-percent silk version has extra space that guarantees your eyelashes won't be ruined, and you'll still get a peaceful night's rest.

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Ondo Classic No Show Socks

ondo no show sock

These sleek socks have a special silicone that keeps them from slipping (Seriously, if they slip, they'll give you your money back.) Plus, they're made with a special organic cotton that will keep your feet dry and double toe layering to prevent holes.

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HelloFresh's Thanksgiving Feast

hello fresh thanksgiving

Not in the mood to cook up a storm this year? (We get it!) Starting now, you can preorder your Thanksgiving meal on HelloFresh, which will include the big bird and a bevy of sides. Don't worry, you don't already have to be a subscriber.

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