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6 Clever Items (10/16/20) - Icebreaker Pop Ice Cube Tray & Server

1 Icebreaker Pop Ice Cube Tray and Server


You can finally upgrade to a smarter ice tray thanks to this smart case, which makes 18 large cubes. It fits neatly in your freezer, is insulated to slow melting so you can take it on-the-go, has a spout to pour out any melted ice before adding cubes to your drink, and—best of all—has an easy-break system with a soft exterior and straps to make getting your cubes out of the molds easier than ever. With all that, it’s no surprise that this is the last ice tray you’ll ever need to buy.

6 Clever Items (10/16/20) - Indoor S’mores Fire Pit

2 Indoor S’mores Fire Pit


Enjoy s’mores year-round—or even in your small, yard-less space—with this clever tabletop s’mores set. The concrete fire pit burns for about 45 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a s’mores sandwich (or several), and the cedar wood base is the perfect prep surface for your sweet melted treat. This set even comes with stainless steel skewers, a glass to hold them, and a snuffer for the fire pit.

6 Clever Items (10/16/20) - ChipFingers Finger Covers

3 ChipFingers Finger Covers


Lean into endless pandemic snacking with this funny-but-useful find. This set of three finger covers will keep your snacking digits—your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger—clean and cheese dust– or salt-free while you munch on flavored chips, Cheetos, and more. (You’ll never have to scrub leftover cheese powder out from under your nails again.) If anyone asks, you can say they’re finger guards for cooking (which they can be)—and then keep snacking.

6 Clever Items (10/16/20) - Pure Enrichment DryStone Reusable Moisture-Absorbing Stones

4 Pure Enrichment DryStone Reusable Moisture-Absorbing Stones

$30 for six,

Replace silica packets with this reusable option, which you can use again and again to dehumidify drawers, storage bins, suitcases, purses, and more. That damp, cloying smell you sometimes catch a whiff of comes from too much moisture, which these stones will help prevent—without potentially spilling.

6 Clever Items (10/16/20) - Grove Collaborative Errand Gloves
Credit: Courtesy of Grove Collaborative

5 Grove Collaborative Errand Gloves

$37 for two sets,

A reusable alternative to throwaway plastic gloves, these microbial silver­–coated gloves are perfect for wearing to the grocery store, the drugstore, and more. They last up to 40 washes, are smartphone-friendly (so you can still text and shop), and have an organic cotton and Lycra make so your hands are actually comfortable.

6 Clever Items (10/16/20) - Vera by Bloomscape
Credit: Courtesy of Bloomscape

6 Vera by Bloomscape

Put together a care log for each of your beloved plants with minimal effort on your part with the help of Vera by Bloomscape, a new plant-care app that offers information, watering reminders, and more to make caring for houseplants easier than ever. The app allows you to create a profile for each plant in your home with its location, type, and more, then reminds you when to water them and perform other care tasks so they can truly thrive.