A Kettle Controlled by Your Smartphone—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

This week, we've found a cutting board that's naturally antibacterial, a precious little book to teach kids why they should brush their teeth, and a water bottle that will clean itself. Then there's the iKettle, which will simply heat up water at the touch of your smartphone for a perfect cup of tea.

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Boil water to the perfect temperature from the comfort of your bed with this kettle which can be controlled from an app. It's just like Beauty and the Beast—but without the singing.

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Fab Slabs Antibacterial Cutting Boards

anti-bacterial camphor laurel cutting chopping boards

These boards are made from a special kind of timber that possesses oils that make them naturally antibacterial. Plus, each one is gorgeous, one of a kind, and also comes in lovely serving paddles.

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Manduka Yoga Grip

manduka yoga grip gel

Spray this on your hands and feet before your next hot yoga class and never worry about slipping out of downward dog again. It creates a chalky barrier—kind of like the chalk gymnasts use—so your hands won't be slippery when sweaty.

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Cavities vs. Toothpaste

cavities vs toothpaste

Is teeth brushing a battle with your kid? This adorably illustrated book helps children to understand why caring for teeth is important and what happens when they eat too much sugar and go to bed without brushing their teeth.

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Glo Pure Bottle

pure bottle

Made from BPA-free stainless steel, this bottle has a built-in chargeable UV light that kills off bacteria in three minutes when you push the button on the top. If you've ever thought, maybe I should clean my water bottle more, say hello to your new best friend.

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Some text messages are so special, you find yourself going back and re-reading over and over. With this app, you can create folders of topics or text threads from your friends, family, or significant others that are especially meaningful to you. You can even turn them into a printed book.

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