An Antibacterial Clothing Steamer—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

This week is all about saving your precious time. There's a product that will help you spend less time ironing pesky wrinkles, another that helps you make less trips after grocery shopping, and even one that aims to make meal time less of a chore. With the time saved, you can spend it doing as you should: jumping in a pile of leaves, lighting your favorite candle for a bath, pulling on a soft cardi, or all of the above.

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CONAIR's Turbo ExtremeSteam Steam & Iron

Clever Items
Courtesy of Target

Smooth away wrinkles while killing 99.9% of bacteria on clothing with this little device that does double duty. Lay it down on a smooth service to use as an iron, or pick it up to start the flow of steam.

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Click & Carry

Clever Items
Courtesy of Amazon

Is it just us or does getting all the groceries in on the first try feel like such a win? Slide multiple grocery bags or totes through the handle of this device and click it closed to carry up to 80 pounds at once. It has a padded grip for comfortable carrying in your hand or on your shoulder.

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Food Market Tea Towel

Clever Items
Courtesy of Manufacturer

Can't remember whether those juicy tomatoes you just brought home from the farmers market should be stored in the fridge or on the counter? Just check the adorably illustrated towel, which handily features storage advice for fruits and veggies. Don't be surprised to see guests lingering by the towel discussing the best way to store an avocado.

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Stay Away Moths

Clever Items
Courtesy of Amazon

Now that your beloved sweaters are out of storage, it's time to protect them (no stinky mothballs required!). This all-natural repellent is made with a mix of essential oils and other plant-derived ingredients and is effective for up to 30 days.

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TRIPWARE Straight Bowl

Clever Items
Courtesy of Manufacturer

Soups, oatmeal, casseroles...we're officially in comfort food season. Add some sustainability to your dish collection with this delightful (and sturdy) bowl. It's made from 25 percent recycled ceramic that's been broken down, crushed, and reformed in Japan. Plus, it's the perfect size for all your cozy autumn favorites and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Purple Carrot

Clever Items
Courtesy of Purple Carrot

Finally, a meal kit for vegetarians. Have plant-based ingredients or pre-prepared meals like pumpkin ramen, jackfruit carnitas, or coconut pancakes delivered to your door every week. You can customize the subscription based on your own needs with options like high protein or gluten-free.

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