Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. With a better pocket hand sanitizer bottle, pretty (and pretty spooky) holiday sprinkles, and a quicker, contact-free way to pay for gas, these editor finds will make you a tiny bit less stressed in no time.

By Lauren Phillips
October 02, 2020
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Courtesy of Corkcicle


From $150,

Keep the outdoor (socially distanced) party going with this smart cooler bag, which has sleek lines—so you can still feel photo-ready and stylish, with chilled drinks to boot—and room for up to eight cans and two bottles of wine. The straps are padded and adjustable for added comfort, and the base and top handle are made of reinforced vegan leather for increase durability.



Use this simple, hand-friendly tool to first break garlic cloves free of their hull and then crush them to release their oils. Some people use the palm of their hand, but with this hardwood tool, you can save your palm a bit and have something pretty to leave on the kitchen shelf, too.



It’s October: Get your Halloween spirit going with these colorful sprinkles, which use the classic Goosebumps color palette to add spooky cheer to anything and everything: Toss over ice cream, on top of cookies, and more for an easy Halloween treat.

Courtesy of Hydro Flask


From $35,

Take snacks of any sort safely on the go with the new insulated food containers from Hydro Flask. These leakproof jars can keep food hot or cold for hours, with easy-to-open lids (that still keep everything sealed inside) and wide mouths that make reaching every last morsel possible. Once you’re back home, simply toss them in the dishwasher and start dreaming of your next on-the-go snack options.

Courtesy of by Humankind


$15 for three,

Replace plastic hand sanitizer containers with this recyclable aluminum alternative. The set of three portable hand sanitizers—in Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, and Unscented scents—comes with a reusable pump, so you can further reduce your single-use plastic, and the hand sanitizer itself contains the recommended 65 percent alcohol (of course) plus hyaluronic acid for moisturizing power.


Reduce the number of keypads, screens, and more you touch while pumping gas with a new feature from Amazon Alexa, which allows you to pay for gas at more than 11,500 Exxon and Mobil stations across the United States with just your voice. Simply use a device that connects to the Alexa app—such as a smartphone with the Alexa app or Echo Buds—and say “Alexa, pay for gas.” The Alexa assistant will confirm your station, pump number, and more, then use the default payment option on your Amazon account to pay for your fuel.