A Scrunchie With a Hidden Pocket For Your Keys—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Small items can make a big difference. Stock up on some bandages in an assortment of shades to suit different skin tones, swap your body wash for a product that cuts back on plastic packaging, and use this hidden pocket scrunchie to conveniently store your key on your runs.

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Hidden Pocket Scrunchies

hidden pocket scrunchies

No more shoving a spare key into your sports bra before a run. These velvet scrunchies have hidden pouches to keep your necessities tucked around your ponytail.

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Pronoun Pins

pronoun pins

When it's time for introductions, these pins will show others how you identify yourself— and that you're an ally.

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Assorted Skin-Tone Bandages

skin tone bandages

These bandages are available in five shades, so everyone can cover cuts and scrapes discreetly.

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Powder-to-Gel Body Wash

body wash duo

A body wash that works like magic: Just mix with water to get scrubbing! The powder cuts back on heavy-liquid shipping, and refills mean fewer landfill-bound empties.

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Inkless Label Printer

inkless label printer

Label pantry staples with this pocket-size thermal printer that works without ink or toner (just heat!). Download the app to create your own half-inch designs.

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Insulated Bakeware Carrier

bakeware carrier

This bakeware carrier will be a go-to during the holidays. It fits most 9-by-13-inch pans and keeps your baked goods, casseroles, and more hot or cold.

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