A Self-Adhesive Towel Holder—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Whether you’re going to school yourself, have kids starting another year, or have been out traveling a bunch, the beginning of September can feel a little crazy. Everyone’s back from their summer vacations and life picks up where it left off in May. So, while you’re on the go-go-go, take advantage of these little helpers that can save you time or save your outfit—a pill tracker, bra liners, and the ideal accessory for dog walking. 

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Eye-Saving Glasses

fashionable protective googles

PPE but make it stylish. These glasses have unique lenses that block blue light, resist fog, and cover the unprotected area between your eyes and cheekbones. They're like goggles but way cuter (and they come in tons of fun colors).

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Bag Holder

dog walker bag holder

The most fun part of having a dog? The unconditional love. The worst part? Picking up poop. This little loop hooks onto your leash and holds onto full bags so you don't have to keep them in hand.

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On-the-Go Laptop Charger

portable laptop charger

Portable backup phone chargers are a great vacation, work, and everyday staple, but now you can score that same safeguard for your laptop! This USB power bank can fully charge a 13" laptop (or multiple devices at once). Plus, it's FAA compliant, so the next time you arrive at your seat to realize your outlet doesn't work, you won't have to panic.

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Pill Tracker

pill tracker

"Did I remember to take my pills?" is one of those terrible anxiety-inducing questions you ask yourself the second you get to work…along with the ever-frightening, "Did I leave my oven on?" Thankfully, this medication tracker peels and sticks right to your bottle and has sliders for each day of the week, so you can mark off when you've taken your dose.

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Sweat Absorber

sweat absorber

No one likes to talk about boob sweat, but it's just a fact of life (and warm weather). These absorbent bra liners are super soft and gather up moisture so you don't have that gross dripping down your shirt feeling. Phew!

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Towel Holder

towel holder

Hanging your kitchen towel over your stove handle is convenient, but also precarious since it constantly falls off (and then looks sloppy). These self-adhesive towel hooks help keep away clutter (and falling towels) by attaching to your oven, dishwasher, whatever, and holding on tight.

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