Compostable Plant Moisture Indicators—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Everyone faces a few minor day-to-day annoyances, but these tools help minimize the frustration. Plant moisture indicators can keep you from killing your plant babies. An attachable cup holder ups your car’s cool factor (and your ability to stash multiple coffees). And if you have shoeboxes full of old photos, get them digitized with this simple process. 

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Plant Hydration Indicator

plant moisture indicator

It's the unending question of plant parents everywhere: Is the soil too dry? This set of paper monstera-shaped soil indicators can answer that question once and for all. Just stick one into your plant's container and it will turn from white to green when the plant is fully hydrated. When the soil starts drying up, it'll go right back to white to let you know it's time for watering.

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Sponge Holder

sponge holder

What's grosser than a sponge that's been sitting in the sink catching the dredges of every washed plate? These cute frog-shaped holder is made up of 3M tape and velcro and easily keeps your sponges stuck to the side of the sink and away from stray splatter.

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Recovery Cone

dog e-collar

No dog likes wearing the dreaded plastic cone of shame after a vet visit, but this flexible fabric collar is much comfier. It will keep your pup from licking themselves and, hey, it looks pretty stylish too.

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Color Changing Bandages

waterproof bandages

You'll want to keep these stocked for your next cut or scrape. They seal out water and germs, even in the bath or shower. Plus, if water does get in, the inner pad changes color to let you know it's time to grab a new one.

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Photo Digitizer

photo digitizing kit

Sharing old photos is fun, but the whole taking a photo of the photo on your phone, editing out the glare and then texting it is kind of a bummer. Now, you can take those old albums and have them uploaded (and enhanced!) to a digital format. Just mail in your photos and iMemories will take care of the rest. You'll be posting better looking #throwbackthursday photos in no time.

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Helpful Holder

2-in-1 cup holder

No one has ever gotten into a car and said "wow, there are way too many cup holders here." By the time you dock your coffee and water, you're out of spots for anyone else's beverage. This expandable holder solves that issue by fitting right into your cup holder to keep that spot and add one more. Best of all? It can expand up to 6 inches to hold even the chunkiest water bottles.

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