Burn-Proof Microwavable Bowl Holders—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

With summer coming to a close and fall looming around the corner, we’re all preparing (at least mentally) to entertain family and friends throughout the upcoming season. These smart tools—including a microwavable dish cloth, beer-chilling sticks, and dual-purpose beverage dispenser—will make your hosting duties easier and far less stressful. 

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Sanitizing Bracelet

hand sanitizing bracelets

Instead of attaching a mini bottle of hand sanitizer to each of your bags (kindergarten-style), you can wear this incognito bracelet. Each bead holds a small dose of a hand sanitizer for on-the-go disinfecting. Just pour your favorite sanitizer (bonus points if it's a fun color!) into the applicator bottle and use it to fill the beads one by one. Squeeze the beads into the palm of your hands when you're ready for a cleaning.

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Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

magnetic power bank

Unlike other clunky power banks on the market, this one uses an adhesive magnetic sticker to attach directly to your phone. With the power bank, your phone will literally get a second (battery) life. Plus, you won't have to sacrifice your beloved phone grip when charging—the power bank includes a built-in finger ring.

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Microwave Bowl Holder

microwave bowl holder

Place your dish of yummy goodness in this washable cloth holder before warming in the microwave. You won't burn your hands when taking out your hot meal, making this an especially great accessory for hungry (and independent) kids.

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Beer Chiller Sticks

beer chilling sticks

There are so many things to prepare before having guests over. These beer chillers take one responsibility off your list: the small, but oh-so-important task of chilling your guests' drinks before their arrival. Keep these in the freezer, then insert them into your warm bottle of brew for an instantly chilled beer.

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Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

red wine stain remover
Hate Stains

Nothing's more of a buzzkill than spilled wine. Thankfully, this stain remover is specifically made for such accidents. Sip your red in peace knowing this solution can easily whisk away new and old wine stains from clothing, fabric, or upholstery.

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Party Top Beverage Dispenser

party top beverage dispenser

This drink dispenser not only allows you to prepare mocktails or cocktails en masse, but the lid also serves as a place for garnishes and cups. Plus, a washable tag lets you label your refreshments party after party. With this multi-tasking dispenser, hosts can do more socializing and guests can serve themselves, preparing their drinks to their liking.

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