Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. From a better on-the-go cooler to a way to plan for future travel and support the hospitality industry at the same time, these items will make every day a little easier.

By Lauren Phillips
August 27, 2020
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Give yourself a built-in pouch with this clever apron, which makes gardening—or picking berries, or even just transporting multiple items at once—a whole lot easier. Simply buckle the apron on: The expandable nylon and canvas pouch can hold your harvest, and when it’s time to drop everything, it easily unlatches to deposit your goods into a bin, bucket, or another container.



Make computers and tablets—even smartphones—more work-friendly with this slim, hyper-portable keyboard. The keyboard can connect to all Bluetooth wireless devices, so you can turn your difficult-to-type-on tech tool into a remote-work device with the push of a button, and the portability makes taking your office on the road easier than ever.



Refresh cashmere, merino, and other knits ahead of sweater season with this compact fabric shaver, which removes lint, smooths fabric pills, and otherwise gets your knits back in great shape with the help of a powerful (and chargeable) motor.



Bring the shine back to rings and other delicate jewelry with this travel-sized cleaning stick, which works on all kinds of gemstones to remove grease, dirt, oils, and other blemishes.



Snack on the go with this clever cooler, which is small and lightweight enough to be worn around the waist or across the chest but still large enough to hold a few beverages, fresh fruit, pet treats, or even cosmetics. Built-in gel keeps everything cool and out of the sun, and the lining is water-resistant to prevent leaks. There’s even a top-zip pocket for a phone or credit cards, so no matter the adventure, this little bag is the only one you need.

Courtesy of 1-800 Contacts


Most of the world may be on pause, but eyes still need a little TLC—and your stash of contacts is sure to run out eventually. If you’re running low on contacts and don’t have a recent prescription but aren’t quite up for an in-person exam, try 1-800 Contacts’s Express Exam, which allows you to get a virtual eye exam for a contact prescription renewal. Not all people are eligible and an in-person exam is still recommended for eye health, but if you just need some more contacts to ride out this crisis, consider this the easiest (most socially distanced) method.