A Portable, Outdoor Wine Table—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

We’ve got items for every member of the family—seriously. For the kids, a turtle-shaped toothbrushing timer and sporty first-aid keychain. For the resident plant lover, some leaf-shaped clips to help tame their vines. A staple-free stapler for whoever’s working with lots of documents, and an on-the-go beverage table for the parents. Oh, and a board game scarf (yep, you read that right!) for the whole family to enjoy.

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Toothbrushing Timer

toothbrush timer

This toothbrushing timer breaks the recommended two minutes into 30-second intervals. It's designed to teach the kiddos how to brush their teeth, but can also be used for any activity requiring a timer. And, it's in the shape of a turtle that lights up, which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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Outdoor Wine Table

outdoor wine table

Wine night in the backyard gets even better with this outdoor table. It's specifically designed to be taken anywhere—grass, dirt or sand—and can hold a bottle of wine and two stemmed glasses. Once you're done, it folds up easily and locks into place. For those that prefer beer, there's a table for you, too, complete with space for two beer cans or bottles, a bowl for snacks, and a built-in bottle opener on the side.

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Plant Hanging Clips

plant hanging clips

Hanging plants can be challenging at times, especially climbing ones. These plant hanging clips serve as useful plant supporting tools that let your vines grow in style! Their green leaf shape helps them blend in (inconspicuous and effective), and they can be used indoors or outdoors for plants of all sizes.

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Bandana Board Game

wearable bandana game

It's a scarf! It's a board game! It's both of those, actually. This wearable scarf is decorated with a colorful game (and also comes with four playing tokens, two wooden dice, an instruction card, and cotton drawstring bag) so you can bring it along for a playful picnic or spread it on the table for a fun party game.

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Staple-Free Stapler

staple-free stapler

We're calling this a stapler, although it gets the paper joining job done with zero staples involved. This item uses a "unique inter-folding process" in lieu of having to constantly refill when you run out of staples, making it a convenient alternative. It's also small, so it can be tossed into a bag and taken on the go. It's also paper-shredder safe, so no worries about a staple jam.

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First-Aid Keychain

first aid keychains

This first-aid keychain will satisfy both kids and parents. Take your pick between a soccer ball, basketball, baseball, or cheer pom-pom. Each choice includes 10 matching sport-themed bandages, three stickers, and two antibiotic ointment packets. It also contains room for extra items you might think of (inhaler, epipen) and attaches to any sort of bag.

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