A Wine Bottle Coaster—and 53 More Expert-Approved Items to Improve Your Life

Pros in everything from food to fashion share the products they lean on to make life easier. Pick some up and start knocking out your to-do list in double time!

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Home Improvement

Expert: Danielle Guerrero

Danielle is a self-taught power tool pro. She and her husband bought a builder-grade house in 2019, and she's been posting their projects ever since.

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Painter's Tool

15-in-1 painter's tool

This unassuming gadget is actually a chisel, scraper, paint can opener, bottle opener, nail
puller, roller cleaner, nut driver, and more!

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Electric Screwdriver

electric screwdriver

Danielle says this compact and easy-to-maneuver screwdriver makes assembling Ikea furniture a breeze.

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Safety Headphones

safety headphone

These protect Danielle's ears from loud drilling noises and double as Bluetooth headphones. "I can listen to my favorite jams while I'm working," she says.

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Box Cutter

box cutter

Opening boxes—fun. Slicing your finger—not fun. "This tool is awesome," Danielle says. "The ceramic blade prevents anything but the tape from getting cut."

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Picture Hanger

picture hangers

This damage-free hanger doesn't require any tools and hangs art like a champ. "It works like a nail, but you don't have to make a hole in the wall," she says.

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Electric Lighter

electric lighter

"I'm never going back to traditional lighters again," Danielle says. This electric one charges with a USB cable and is both wind- and splashproof. Use it to get the fireplace going or light candles on a birthday cake.


Expert: Paula Knight

For brilliant, trendy picks, we turned to Paula Knight, the head of brand marketing and creative at Intermix, a luxury clothing retailer.

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Sunnies Holder

sunglasses holder

Instead of digging through your stuff for your sunglasses, try a cute case. "I tie this to my belt or bag to always have mine nearby," Paula says.

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Clothing Freshener

scented oval

A fig-scented wax oval is way cooler than a lavender sachet. Hang it in a closet or stash it in a dresser to keep clothes smelling nice.

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Jewelry Cleaner

jewelry cleaner

Really, who has time to sit down and clean their rings? "I'll clean in a cab or on a shoot—wherever I can find a moment," Paula says.

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Fabric Brush

sweater brush

Paula calls this her "cashmere savior." Swipe it over sweaters, scarves, and coats to minimize pilling.

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Fashion Tape

boob tape

If you're looking for a quick solve for dresses with tricky necklines, Paula swears by this tape to hold everything in place.


Expert: Christopher Griffin

Christopher is an expert on plant parenthood. Their Instagram and new book, You Grow, Gurl!, tout the mental health benefits of growing and help others kick-start the habit.

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Pretty Propagation

plant propagation

Who would have thought stem cuttings could achieve centerpiece status? Christopher helped design these vases to do just that.

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Plant Subscription

plant subscription

If you're a nervous plant parent, a subscription set will give you the confidence boost you need. You'll receive a plant in a six-inch pot, plus care instructions to help that baby thrive.

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Soil Probe

plant probe

Overwatering is a common killer of houseplants. This handy tool checks the soil's moisture near the roots, so you'll know when to stop it already.

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Potting Station

plant tarp

Repotting plants gets messy. To avoid
scattering soil, roll out this tiny vinyl mat,
then shake off the dirt when you're done.


Expert: Jeanine Lobell

Jeanine is a beauty legend. She started the cosmetics brand Stila in 1994 and recently launched a new line, Neen (her nickname), focused on sustainable makeup.

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Anti-Aging Sunscreen

anti-aging sunscreen

An effective but light sunscreen is a game changer. "It doesn't feel sticky or like my pores are getting clogged up," Jeanine says.

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Face Massager

face massager

This vibrating bar (plated in 24-karat gold!) can help soothe and firm your forehead and the area around your eyes. "My skin feels energized, and I get a nice little lift from it," Jeanine says.

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Cheek and Lip Tint

cheek and lip tint

"I'm totally a sucker for multiuse products, and I like this one for my lips and cheeks," she says. When you run out of tint, keep the compact and order a refill to save packaging.


Expert: Beau Ciolino & Matt Armato

The couple cover all things entertaining, DIY, and decor on Instagram and in their new book, Housewarming.

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Wine Coaster

marble coasters

"This keeps the bottle's temperature just right and helps prevent condensation marks on your table," Matt says.

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Stackable Glasses

stackable glasses

These come in mixed colors so everyone can ID their own cup.

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Cheese Markers

cheese markers

"No need to memorize fancy cheese names!" Beau says. These will save you from repeating "Gorgonzola" to every guest.


Expert: Nastasia Yakoub

Born into a strict Middle Eastern Chaldean family, Nastasia broke barriers in 2014 when she created Dame Traveler, a community for female travelers. She's been to more than 65 countries, photographing her adventures and sharing tips and recommendations along the way.

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Packable Brush

manta hairbrush
Shen Beauty

This brush was designed to protect hair from breakage, but it's also superlight, making it the ideal on-the-go styling tool.

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Safety Alarm

safety alarm

This personal alarm hooks to your key chain and has a powerful siren and flashing light.

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Travel Charger

travel charging pack

"The last thing you need is to be stuck with a dead phone, especially if you want to take photos or videos," Nastasia says. She never leaves home without this charger.

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Reusable Pouches

food storage pouches

"I pack everything from airplane snacks to small toiletries in these instead of using plastic bags," Nastasia says.

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Beautiful Buds

noise earplugs

Block out the crying baby or the person snoring next to you with a pair of surprisingly cute earplugs that look nothing like those cut-rate foam ones.

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Seat Cover

seat cover

How many butts were in your chair before you? "This seat cover leaves your clothes fresh and helps keep germs at bay," Nastasia says.


Expert: Vallery Lomas

Vallery won the third season of The Great American Baking Show. Her book, Life Is What You Bake It, is packed with sweet recipes, many inspired by her Louisiana roots.

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King Pin

rolling pin

"This makes rolling out piecrust and cookie dough really easy," Vallery says, "and takes the guesswork out of how thick a quarter or eighth of an inch is."

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Baking Spices


This Vietnamese cinnamon is "naturally sweet and tastes like Red Hots!" Vallery says.

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Ring Dish

ring dish

Vallery drops her jewelry in this ring holder before getting her hands dirty kneading dough or washing dishes.

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Spice Grinder

spice and nut grinder

"It has a small-enough blade to grind the tiniest peppercorns," she says. You can also use it to make your own nut flours.


Expert: Grace Bastidas

Grace is the editor in chief of Parents and cohost of That New Mom Life podcast.

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Baby Brush

training toothbrush

"This triple-angle toothbrush has soft bristles that clean all sides of the teeth at once," Grace says. It's great for toddlers.

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First Aid Kit

first aid kit

"Before you embark on your next trip, pack this compact kit and be prepared for any cuts or scrapes along the way," Grace says. It comes with cute fabric bandages, ointments, and antiseptic wipes.

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Toasty Stuffy

cuddle temperature stuffed animal

This cuddly buddy was made for sick days. It's filled with specially engineered corn that holds cool or warm temperatures.

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Fresh Fanny Pack

vegan leather fanny pack

Grace loves this gender-neutral diaper bag with a changing pad and a waterproof pocket for wipes. It keeps your hands free for, you know, the baby.


Expert: Lacy Redway

Lacy does hair for an impressive roster of clients (Priyanka Chopra and Serena and Venus Williams, for starters). She's focused on changing the narrative for women and people of color in the beauty industry.

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Dewy Duo

highlighter and balm duo

Lacy uses the highlighter on her cheekbones and in the corners of her eyes. "It really brightens up the face and adds such a nice touch to your overall look," she says.

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Silk Pillowcase

silk pillowcase

Cotton cases can dry out your hair, causing breakage. Silk puts that issue to rest.

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Frizz Fixer

frizz serum

"This helps me relax unwanted frizz and moisturize strands," Lacy says. "Plus, it helps prevent hair swelling in humidity."


Expert: Brandon Pleshek

Brandon is a third-generation cleaning pro whose instructional videos on how to clean pretty much anything have racked up 1.3 million followers on TikTok.

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Smiley Sponge

smiley scrub sponge

"This is my favorite of the Scrub Daddy sponges," Brandon says. "The foam and flexible texture help you clean just about any surface."

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Scrub Down

power scrubber

Brandon uses this brush to clean tile, grout,
cement, and even the occasional carpet.

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Carpet Rake

carpet rake

This tool is oddly satisfying to use. "It's great for removing hair—pet or human—loosening up dirt before vacuuming, and giving that finishing touch after carpet cleaning," he says.

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Carpet Cleaner

portable carpet cleaner

"This is the best at-home spot cleaner I've ever used," he says. "For pet messes and kid spills and everything in between, it's my go-to."

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Pet-Hair Brush

pet fur brush

Use the rubber blade to pull fur from your car, couch, or bed. "Pet hair comes with my job, and this is nice and compact," Brandon says.


Expert: Pia Thompson

The lawyer turned professional organizer launched her KonMari-based company, Sweet Digs, in 2020. She's all about tidying up as self-care.

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Hanging Rack

clothes hanging rack

"Most people don't need the amount of long hanging space they have in a closet," Pia says. "This doubles the storage in your closet in a snap."

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Sock Saver

sock saver

"We've all been a victim of a lost sock," Pia says. With this hanger, you can wash, dry, and store your socks together, so you never have to search for a mate again.

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Bottle Holder

water bottle organizer

"This makes use of the vertical space often left untouched in a cabinet and allows you to grab what you need fast," Pia says.

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Car Organizer

trunk organizer

A foldable box with pockets can help corral junk in the trunk, then be discreetly tucked away when not in use.

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Styling Storage

styling tool organizer

Blow dryers and curling irons can be tricky to store. An over-the-door bin keeps them in line and helps wrangle cords.

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Battery Pack

battery organizer and tester

Got a box full of batteries rolling around? Never quite sure when you need to restock those AAs? This sectioned keeper can store 93 batteries—and test them too!


Expert: Kirsten Ferguson

Kirsten worked with the NFL for seven years before becoming a Peloton instructor and certified cycling and run coach. In her free time, she likes to work out with her two daughters.

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Best Buds

beats earbuds

"Whether I am out for a run, doing burpees, or dancing around my house while making a playlist for a class, these earbuds don't move," Kirsten says.

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Put a Ring On It

oura ring

This discreet sleep and activity tracker wraps around your finger. "It's really comfortable to wear, and it's given me some interesting insights into how I can improve my output by getting proper sleep," Kirsten says.

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Family Fitness

peloton app

When it's raining or the kids are off from school, Kirsten turns to the Fit Family classes on this app. "My daughters love the music, and we do something active and fun together as a family!"

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Matcha Mixer

matcha starter set

"This mixer helps me stir my matcha but also gives me that foamy latte I love so much without having to run to a coffee shop," she says.

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Fit Fryer

air fryer

As a mom on the go, Kirsten frequently turns to her air fryer for quick meals. "I typically throw chicken tenders in there, and I have dinner for my kids and lunch for the lunch box the next day."

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