Bug Repellent Wipes—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Some want to enjoy summer inside in the air conditioning, while others prefer spending all day in the sun. For the indoorsy type, a puzzle mat will make sure no pieces end up on the floor. For the lover of the outdoors, there are LED golf balls for a round of night golf and bug repellant wipes to ward off itchy bug bites. Indoors or outdoors, spend your summer how you prefer! 

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Bug Repellant Wipes

bug repellent wipes

Bug spray is great until you realize you've missed a huge section of your leg that's now covered in bites. Get better coverage with these bug repellant wipes. They're easy to pack and smell even better thanks to Indonesian citronella (a little bit of citrus and vanilla). Throw them in your bag for a hike, a day in the park, or even just an afternoon enjoying the summer sun in the backyard.

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Revolution InstaGLO Toaster

bread toaster

Though it might be a splurge, the capabilities of this smart toaster make it well worth it. There are five bread types to choose from, three freshness options (fresh, frozen, or reheat) and seven toasting levels. This toaster is tailored to give you the exact outcome you want—no scraping the burnt parts off afterwards. It also heats up quickly, so you can skip the waiting and get right to toasting.

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LED Golf Balls

led golf balls

Who says the golf game has to stop when the sun goes down? These LED balls ensure your game can continue well into the night; their light stays active for eight minutes after impact, as well as re-triggering with each hit. They are weather resistant, have 40 hours of battery life, and mimic the aerodynamics, control, accuracy, feel, and distance you'd get from a professional golf ball. Except, well, professional golf balls don't glow in the dark.

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Indoor Countdown Security Timer

digital countdown timer

Want your hair straightener to turn off after 30 minutes or your electrike bike to stop charging after an hour? Apps can be confusing, but this smart digital countdown timer makes it as easy as pressing a button. Plug in your device, choose your time (15 minutes to six hours!) and let it do the work for you. There's also a repeat function, so you don't have to worry about resetting your selected function the next day.

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Reusable Air Fryer Liner

air fryer liners

Try silicone air fryer liners if you're looking for an eco-friendly step up from the parchment paper you've been using (it isn't recyclable). Just wash these after each use and watch as they keep their shape and remain durable no matter how high the temperature gets! Best of all, they've been designed with concave and convex lines, which ensure whatever you decide to put in the air fryer gets cooked evenly.

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Puzzle Mat

puzzle mat

There is no worse feeling than getting half way through a puzzle and realizing you have to put it away. What happens to all of your progress?! Avoid that disappointment with a simple solution: a puzzle mat. This felt mat rolls up neatly and keeps all your pieces in line so you can take it out later and (finally) finish that whatever-number-piece puzzle you've been working on.

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