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By Lauren Phillips
July 24, 2020
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When even air conditioning fails, few things are as cooling as a personal fan. Perch this table-sized fan near you and angle it so you get a nice, constant breeze—the adjustable tilt head and swivel base ensure you can get that perfect angle no matter where you are. Best of all, when not in use, you can nest the fan head inside the base so it’s a little less obtrusive than your average fan.

To buy: $22;


Clever, cordless, and hardy, this wet/dry vac mops your floors with a quarter of the effort on your part. One tank built into the body of the vac spurts out clean, soapy water, and the scrubber brush buffs floors. As you move the vacuum, it sucks up the water, leaving your floors barely damp and streak-free—and completely clean.

To buy: $339;


Use this tiny, countertop-ready washing machine to scrub beauty sponges, brushes, and more after use. The makeup tools will last longer, and the cleaning process is much easier for you.

To buy: $15;


Small-space gardeners (and indoor gardeners) will delight in having this coated-steel tool set close by. The tools themselves—a trowel, a cultivator, and a weeder—are compact, and they nest together for simple storage; they even have holes for hanging.

To buy: $25;


Stop laundry detergent drips. These smart hangers hook over economy-sized detergent containers’ dispenser spouts; the base is large enough for the measuring cup and catches any drips when the cup is being used.

To buy: $10 for two;


Add smarter music to your daily (or weekly) jog with Weav Run, which uses adaptive technology to change music tempos to help your run. You can pick a fixed tempo to encourage you to run at a certain pace and hit timing goals, or choose the Match My Stride option to queue music that suits your preferred pace. The music options include top artists and songs, all adjusted to fit your run, and the app even offers instructor-planned running workouts. During lockdown, the Premium subscription option is free.