Whether you’re headed to the ocean, lake, or pool, these items will make your summer days a little easier (and cleaner, while we’re at it). Pack waterproof playing cards for all-weather fun. A backpack-turned-recliner is handy for spontaneous adventures, and you can clean out residual sand trapped in there with a hard-working purse cleaner. 
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Credit: The Clean Ball
white noise sound machine
Credit: brookstone.com

Custom White Noise Machine

$100, brookstone.com

Are you a rainfall or waves crashing type of sleeper? Now you don't actually have to choose. This sound mixer has 8 different sounds to choose from (fan, rain, ocean, thunder, summer night, campfire, morning birds, and soothing flute). Or, you can combine them, layering and mixing the sounds however you'd like. Sweet dreams. 

meat defrosting tray
Credit: amazon.com

Meat Defrosting Tray

$13, amazon.com

Enough of the bowl, the warm water, and the hassle of getting your raw meat out hours in advance. This non-stick tray is made of aluminum and silicone, and can thaw a big ol' steak in 30 to 60 minutes. Now you just have to worry about cooking it…

waterproof playing cards
Credit: amazon.com

Beach-Proof Play Cards

$6, amazon.com

Calling all poolside game players! Have you ever had a card go overboard right in the middle of a good hand of rummy? With this waterproof deck, you can fish it out of the beach, lake or pool with no damage. Not only do they work by the water, but are just the deck to entertain barbecue goers; sauce and sunscreen will wash right off.

reclining backpack
Credit: bumruk.com

Reclinable Backpack

$180, bumruk.com

Gone are the days of hauling both a bag and a chair to the sand—now just carry them both on your back in one nifty combo. The chair (or backpack, depending on how you're using it) is made of sand-wicking, weatherproof polymer, and has six positions so you can lounge at your leisure.

purse cleaning ball
Credit: amazon.com

Washable Purse Cleaner

$13, amazon.com

It's a universal moment of confusion when we look in our bags and wonder, "how did those crumbs get there?" It could be granola bar remains in a backpack or sand in a beach tote; either way, this bag cleaner is about to live in your purse full time. Once it's done its job, you can wash it, throw it back in, and count on it to tidy up any bag all over again.

blotter baby matifying roller
Credit: jennypatinkin.com

Matifying Roller

$22, jennypatinkin.com

Everyone wants a dewy makeup look for summer—until dewy becomes oily. Where oil blotting sheets can be wasteful, this mattifying roller, made of limestone clay, is compact and reusable. Roll over your t-zone or any shiny spots to instantly absorb oil, without removing your makeup.