Tackle the summer heat with a long-lasting deodorant spray for your clothes, enjoy some laps in the pool with custom-fit glasses, and take your WFH station outside (or anywhere) with a desk organizer you can easily pick up and transport.
clever-items-Portable-Desk-Organizer- from the moma design store
Credit: Moma Design Store
clothing deodorizer
Credit: swiffspray.com

Deodorant Spray

$30, swiffspray.com

This long-lasting deodorant for your shirt will help you avoid stinky situations. The spray keeps smells at bay through at least five wears and washes.

desk organizer
Credit: store.moma.org

Portable Desk Organizer

$65, store.moma.org

Today your office is the sofa. Tomorrow, the kitchen island. A collapsible organizer with 12 pockets will transport your supplies from place to place.

bluetooth headphone adapter
Credit: twelvesouth.com

AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter

From $45, twelvesouth.com

Never again will you board a plane only to realize your wireless headphones don't work with the jack. This adapter pairs Bluetooth buds with the screen.

blue swimming goggles
Credit: themagic5.com

Custom-Fit Swimming Goggles

$60, themagic5.com

The company uses a face-scanning app to customize the fit of these goggles just for you. Say bye to watery eyes.

flavored wood grilling sheets
Credit: uncommongoods.com

Flavor Infusing Grilling Wraps

$10 for 8, uncommongoods.com

Wrap foods in fragrant, pliable cedarwood and alderwood sheets before grilling or baking for extra smoky flavor.

portable clothing iron
Credit: nori.co

The Nori Press

$120, nori.co

This clothing iron has all the fabric settings of a traditional one (and even steams!), but it's portable, packable, and fast, since it can de-crease both sides at once.