A Pitcher for Making an Ice Cold Glass of Tea—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life This Week

As summer heats up, nothing sounds better than sipping an icy glass of tea on the porch or strolling through the park with your four-legged best friend. Don't let the weather get you or your pooch down; we've rounded up items this week that will help you beat the heat, even in the kitchen.

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Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set

tea over ice pitcher set
Courtesy of Manufacturer

Serve a cool drink in minutes with this sculptural set. Steep a tea bag in the upper pitcher, then instantly chill the beverage in the ice-filled vessel below.


surface snap
Courtesy of Manufacturer

Attach a sleek leather band to the edge of your desk to keep chargers and cables at the ready. No more excavating on hands and knees!

Paw Soother Travel Stick

paw soother travel stick
Courtesy of Manufacturer

Use it now to protect your dog's paws from a hot sidewalk, then again in winter as a salt barrier. It is made with safe-to-lick carnauba wax and comes in a handy tube.

Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Courtesy of Manufacturer

This 14-inch extinguisher sprays in an arc to fight grease fires without splashing oil. The white finish blends in with any decor.

The Matte

the matte
Courtesy of Manufacturer

Lay this mat over a sink to create a surface for makeup and hair tools. When you travel, it folds to the size of a tablet.

Faux Fan

faux fan
Courtesy of Manufacturer

If you have a bashful bladder, switch on this device in a public bathroom to dampen noise while you do your business. The size of a bar of soap, it sounds just like an exhaust fan and has 16 volume settings.

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