A Space-Saving Cookware Set—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

With summer officially here, we wouldn’t blame you for dreading the chores on your to-do list. These brilliant items will help you save time on household tasks and get back outside. A dual broom-vacuum cleans up messes with half the effort. A folding laundry tote impressively corrals all your laundry on the first try. An herb stripper doubles as a measuring cup for quick meal prep.

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Nifty Laundry Tote

laundry tote

No more taking multiple trips to fish everything out of the dryer. This collapsible laundry basket unfolds from a small disk to a large, flexible circle which fits directly in the dryer's drum to catch every last garment. Place the tote on top of your clean clothes, give the dryer a 180-degree spin, and use the handles to remove the entire load of laundry at once.

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Ultra Compact Cookware Set

compact cookware set

Storing pans has always been a headache, and more often than not, it's the handles that claim half of the cabinet's precious real estate. The detachable handle for these hardworking, nonstick skillets solve that problem. When you're ready to cook, slide the handle anywhere along the pan, and click in place. The strong grip is just as sturdy as a traditional pan. After cleanup, the pans, lids and handle all nest together for streamlined storage.

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Double Duty Broom

2-in-1 broom and vacuum

Let's be honest, multi-step cleaning is a drag. It's even worse when you've swept the whole house and still wind up reaching for the vacuum—you know, for that pesky line of dirt left by the dustpan. A two-in-one broom-vacuum combo would save you trouble and time, and thankfully, it exists. The VaBroom has a built-in vacuum nozzle and compartment to suck up and contain debris. Sweep, vacuum, and dump.

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Gardener's Seeding Square

gardeners seeding square

Take the guesswork and math out of the garden. This 1 foot by 1 foot grid maps out your garden beds for perfectly spaced seeds. Easy-to-follow instructions and color-coded holes help amateur gardeners reap what they sow, from dazzling flowers to scrumptious fruits and vegetables. You'll have a green thumb in no time.

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Oil Dispensing Whiz

oil dispenser

With supermarket prices on the rise, no one will fault you for stretching every last drop of olive oil. With this smart device, you can add the perfect amount of oil—drip by drip—to your meal and conserve the rest for later. Pour your oil into the canister, squeeze the eyedropper to draw the ideal amount of olive oil, and use the silicone brush to baste your dish.

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Speedy Herb Stripper

herb stripper

Dinner prep can be a time-suck. This small-but-mighty herb stripper can put a serious dent in it. Choose one of the four hole sizes, slide the herb through, and let the bowl catch the leafy herbs. Repeat until you reach the desired amount—measurements are conveniently indicated on the bowl's side.

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