Real Simple’s mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. With a smart new way to store cheese, a cure to your cluttered desk, and a better hand sanitizer option, these clever products will make life at home a little easier.

By Lauren Phillips
June 12, 2020
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Boost your hand sanitizer game with this naturally derived option, which arrives in a reusable glass bottle to cut down on waste and any toxicity coming from plastic as it breaks down. Lavender and coconut scents eliminate a synthetic odor after use, and the 65 percent Ethyl Alcohol contents offer all the germ destruction you need.

To buy: $25;


Craving high-end, restaurant-quality cheeses? Preserve your fancy cheeses at home with this compact humidor, which uses a clay brick humidifier to create optimal conditions for cheese storage. It works well for all types of cheese (excluding those that should be stored in a brine, such as mozzarella and feta) and can be taken apart and conveniently stored when not in use.

To buy: $85;


Give your sheets and blankets the tight tuck you love without the strain and hassle of lifting the edges of your mattress with this simple tool. The Rubber Hugger wraps around the base of your mattress to hold sheets and blankets in place (even top sheets) and can be easily hidden with a comforter, duvet, or quilt.

To buy: $15;

Courtesy of Kangaroo


Keep an eye on your front porch or yard affordably with this basic photo doorbell, which is motion- and ring-triggered to capture photos of front door visitors (or potential porch pirates or home invaders). Photos are delivered to your smartphone as a stitched-together gif, so you can see what’s happening without pricy cameras or potentially invasive doorbell cams, and the doorbell is battery-powered, so installation is a breeze (particularly for renters).

To buy: From $20; for availability.

Miranda Winters/Courtesy of Sensel


For those working from home with limited space and without the resources you enjoy at the office, the Morph keyboard offers the functionality of many different keyboards and tablets without sucking up your desk space. The interchangeable overlays have everything from standard keyboard surfaces to video editing and music-making ones, so whatever your job or hobby, you can do it at home—even if your home office is the kitchen table.

To buy: $249 for the Morph base and one overlay;

Courtesy of Snappy


Make group gifts—to employees, customers, clients, and more—a breeze with the Snappy service, which takes your prescribed budget and offers recipients their pick of highly desired gifts. Everyone gets what they want—and some free will in the matter—and you don’t have to spend hours shopping around: It’s a virtual gifting win-win.